back to article New York's top lawman slaps Intel with lawsuit

Intel's ongoing legal troubles increased markedly Wednesday morning when New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed a lawsuit alleging that the world's largest microprocessor manufacturer conducted "an illegal campaign to deprive AMD of distribution channels." The exceptionally detailed 83-page complaint (PDF) alleges that …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Couldn't happen to a nicer criminal

    Once convicted I hope InHell has to caugh up at least $500 Billion to AMD and that the entire executive level management of InHell gets 10 years in prison for their chronic violations of anti-trust law, tax evasion, etc.

  2. NBCanuck


    IMy last processor, an Intel quad-core, was the first time I bought an Intel chip in years. After buying a box with a Pentium 100 MHz hip, I started bulding my own PCs and AMD was always the flavour of choice because they were....well, better. At the very least they were at least as good and definitely cheaper..

    I went with Intel this last time because they improved. I did what was best for me at the time, but I still felt like a traitor. After all....the reason Intel was able to catch up was because they beat down AMD by ensuring a limited market for their CPUs. Less sales, less revenue, less money available to R&D new CPUs.

    It was in the news....we all talked about it and cursed. It burns me that it took this long for something to happen. I still do not think that the U.S. would be bringing this action if Intel hadn't already lost it's previous legal battle.

    As much as I like the idea of Intel not getting away with what they did, the fact the the money is not going to AMD to be put towards new CPU development is a problem. AMD is improving but, as a result of Intel's previous actions, still has a lot of catching up to do. Intel will now suffer reduction in cash to put to R&D. So.....Intel potentialy loses more money which does not lead to better or cheaper CPUs for the consumer. AMD gets nothing, which again does not lead to any benefit by the consumer. The only ones benefiting now are government and the legal carreers of prosecutors who smell the blod in the water.

  3. Daedalus

    Just like the last guy....

    High profile, well-publicised lawsuits were the trademark of Cuomo's predecessor, the former bully-boy governatorette, Elliot Spitzer. We know what happened to him.

    Calling Number 9.....

  4. Hud Dunlap

    This is not a New York state issue

    I have said the same thing on Similar stories. This is a federal issue.

    Also this probably has a lot to do with the fact that AMD is building a new fab in NY and Intel doesn't have any there.

    Oh and as long as Coumo doesn't go after wall street he is safe.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Bullies and Minnows in a World of Sharks and Sharp Practices/Dodgy Insider Dealings

    "As a result, and in exchange for "billions of dollars in rebate payments and other benefits," the suit notes that Dell, for example, agreed not to sell any AMD products from 2001 to 2006." ..... Ergo is Dell a willing and knowledgeable accomplice and active seeding member in the conspiracy, as would also be HP ......"the suit alleges that Intel in 2002 reached an agreement with HP (which it subsequently extended to 2004) that "capped HP’s sales of AMD-based business desktop PCs" to a maximum of 5 per cent of that line - which guaranteed that Intel would enjoy the remaining 95 per cent."

  6. Wallyb132


    You've almost got a point there, except you're missing one little detail: AMD already has a civil suit against Intel that is well established and under way already, its set to go to trial early next year... so in one respect you're right, the governments involvement only aims to benefit the government financially, and its easy to think that, but if you take in to account AMD's civil suit you would realize how much of a gift this is to AMD.

    AMD's suit should be finished first, unless they move to stay it until the governments action is finished, if they go forward now, AMD will get to use all the findings of both new york and the FTC's investigations as part of their claim, as well as the 3 standing international convictions, and, they'll get the first slice of the pie. If the case gets stayed until new york and the FTC are finished then AMD gets 2 more convictions in addition to the EU, south Korea and Japan's to validate their claim. Domestic convictions will be irrefutable in the civil case, even if those convictions come by way of consent decree or settlement.

    intel will have no way of wiggling out of this, the only thing the civil jury will have to determine is the amount of damages, each and every government complaint increases those damages... this is a gift to AMD...

    And for the record, after getting fucked by intel time and time again, i bought one of the very first Athlons release in 99' and never looked back, i'm not afraid to admit that i'm an AMD fanboy tried and true...

  7. Fred 1

    About time

    Yes, America, that foul stench is coming from your back yard.

    Good to see you have finally noticed.

  8. Flybert

    @ Fred 1

    "Yes, America, that foul stench is coming from your back yard."

    No fuckin' shit Fred .. AMD and Intel are both American companies, as are 10 of the top 25 semiconductor makers .. most of the rest are Japanese or South Korean

    Virtually no "foul stench" of chip making nor chip maker lawsuits in UK though, hope your happy about that.

  9. Flybert

    @ all you commentards

    and that's how American companies settle things .. cheap for Intel .. much needed cash boost for AMD .. benefit for consumers ..

    even sweeter than the $151 million Microsoft paid to Apple to settle their problems a few years ago right after Jobs took over .. and look where Apple is now !

    look for AMD to be doing more than 2.1 % of the world's chip business and actually turn a profit in the near future !

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