back to article (Galway) Baywatch - IBM monitors Ireland's beaches

IBM and Ireland's Environmental Protection Agency are helping Irish bathers avoid floundering into a warm pool of industrial sludge with a website that tracks water quality and conditions across more than 130 beaches and lakes in the country. Along with An Taisce (AKA the National Trust for Ireland), the organizations are now …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great Timing!

    Great - launched just in time for me to choose which Irish beach I'd like to swim at in November!

  2. Peter O'Brien

    Dollymount provides a 'respite from Dubliners'?

    I notice that the text description on the site for Dollymount Strand in the Dublin City Council local authority says: 'Dollymount provides tremendous respite from Dubliners from the vagaries of city living.'.

    There's no place in Dublin where you can get respite from Dubliners!

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