back to article HP to throw Matrix tech beyond x64 blades

Like the rest of the IT industry, Hewlett-Packard was apparently expecting Cisco Systems and EMC to announce their Acadia joint venture and Vblock virtualized data center infrastructure on Wednesday. Hence the timing of a hodge-podge of system announcements that HP is stacking up against the Vblock stacks and whatever …


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  1. Macka

    My head is spinning

    Good grief. HP's product lineup has become so overloaded with buzz word laced marketing techno-babble that it makes me want to sick up. I know quite a few people in HP, and a good chunk of them don't understand what half of this lot is about either. What chance have their customers got?

    I suspect that at some point in HP's history someone in their Marketing dept decided it would be a good idea to try and copy the Microsoft way of product naming: but got it badly wrong. Instead of going back to basics they just ploughed on regardless and - years later - are now stuck with the plate of alphabet spaghetti they have today.

    I hope their salesmen are well paid and well trained. They're going to need them.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My God how lame

    Just a bunch of branding bundles and vaporware. What a steaming pile.

  3. Man Mountain


    It doesn't really matter what the stuff is called - the concept is a very good one and that is what customers buy into. If the biggest criticism that can be levied at this announcement is that HP have some marketing inspired names then it would seem like a good announcement.

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