back to article Scots slam Germans for 'tight-arsed' slur

The Scottish National Party has decided to take the Germans to task for commonly insinuating that our Caledonian cousins are a bit tight, The Telegraph reports. Those from the land of Lederhosen, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut apparently associate the Scots with thrift - something reflected in the term Schotten Preise, which they …


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  1. Number6

    Dam Busters

    It's OK, we got our retaliation in first, if you remember the classic ad with the towel thrown from the balcony.

  2. Trygve

    Utter bloody twaddle

    I think the Germans will stop portraying the Scots as tight-fisted the day Britain as a whole quits making references to World War Two, Lederhosen and sauerkraut - roughly the twelfth of never.

    The scots would be much better off focusing their ire across the southern border, where they are all portrayed as chubby ginger gobshites with a drinking problem and a chip on their shoulder (garnished with haggis & mars bar, both deep-fried naturally). Which we all know is not true, right?

    Pint of McEwans, obviously.

  3. LuMan

    A German Joke

    Apparently our Deutschbrüder find this quite amusing:

    Three Germans are enjoying a beer in their favourite Biergarten; one from Hannover, one from Berlin and one from Munich. Three flies descend and each take up residence in one of the Germans' beer. The guy from Berlin calls a waiter and insists the beer is replaced. The guy from Hannover removes the fly, but carries on drinking anyway. The bloke from Munich removes the fly and makes the little sh*t spit back any beer it drank!

    Not that we'd imply Bavarians are alcoholic in any way....... They just like beer..... for breakfast...etc..

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    You'll have had your Bratwurst?

    See? It's not just the English and the Irish who think it. Or even Brian Blessed, with his line about them panic-buying petrol on Have I Got News for You.

    I wonder what Mac sales are like in Scotland?

  5. Thorsten

    Not only tight, but slow as well...

    I can remember (barely) that jokes about Scots being tight were made over here when I was a kid, and that's 30+ years ago. Nobody noticed apparently. But then so were jokes about East Frisians (for being slow) or Suebians (for being tight). Interestingly, there was a long running campaign by the largest electronics chain with the tagline "Geiz ist geil" ("stinginess is cool"), and not a single Scot to be seen in any of the advertisements.

    If that doesn't sound like a coherent argument, it's because it's past pub o'clock already.

    BTW, shops being called McSomething don't allude to Scotland but to the golden arches. Do Scots complain about being connotated with processed meat in a bun? If they do, does anybody understand their hermetic accent?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Not just Germans

    I notice that Disney created Scrooge McDuck not Scrooge Duckstein

  7. Pyros

    They should use a different sterotype.

    Like, say... Polish?

    *runs away from the horde of sausage-weilding, Kow-a-zaki-riding maniacs*

  8. thomas k.

    So, a Scot walks into a bakery ...

    and stands looking into a display case.

    Clerk: May I help you?

    Scot, pointing: Is that a donut or merenge?

    Clerk: No, you're right, it's a donut.

  9. ilikejam

    Oh noes!

    Well, I'm Scottish, and I don't give a deep fried mars bar if the Germans are taking the piss.

    Could someone tell the SNP to stop making an arse of themselves, please?

    Och aye the noo, etc.

  10. garhol

    Aye whit?

    I bet that bawbag uses oor tax money to pay fir his campaign!

  11. Pabs

    I'm Scottish

    ....always looking for a bargin!

  12. Klovis Spamster

    So, what about the Swiss, the Dutch, the Danes...

    Hoolala! I wonder how he'd react to the super-thrift shop chain "McGeiz" (McMiserly), the low-cost fitness-chain "McFit" and the low-rent dreck-food chain "McDonalds"...

    Amiable national stereotyping is not reserved ot the Scots, though. The Swiss are generally shown outGermaning the Germans, the Danes tend to wear funny helmets with horns and the Dutch infest the Autobahns with caravans the size and shape of a large Gouda.

    The SNP in general and Angus Robertson in particular should get their collective heads out of their colons. They don't know when they're having it good.

    Btw. David McAllister is chairman of the CDU of Niedersachsen only, err, that would be the old duchy of Hanover.

  13. Glyn 2

    what next???

    Riots about cartoons???

    When are we all going down to the german embassy to burn flags???

  14. /etc
    Thumb Down

    Ronnie Corbett Joke

    I don't know I've ever met a mean Scotsman. However, anyone who complains in all seriousness about jokes must be humourless, thin-skinned, and nursing a inferiority complex -- which is worse than being mean.

    As for "Angus Robertson MP ... decried: 'It doesn’t have to be this way. You wouldn’t do it with orthodox Jews'." ... well, that's just rubbish. I can clearly recall Ronnie Corbett telling a joke about a Scotsman and a Jew in a pub who were both drunk. He said you could tell because they were both trying to pay: the Jew was throwing a fiver at the Scotsman and the Scotsman was throwing it back.

    He wasn't being offensive to Jews or Scots. Good grief, he is Scottish.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    A better place

    Being a German I am really ashamed using stereotypes like that. The world would be better place without, no Scottish jokes, no war, no hunger and peace and wealth everywhere.

    By the way, do you know this one: two Scots are ....

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Sense of humour

    I thought it was the Germans that didn't have a sense of humour?

  17. Anonymous Coward

    German Solution.

    "All this has proved a bit too much for the SNP, which will now "lodge an official complaint with Germany’s advertising association""

    All the German advertising association has to do is ask that it puts it into writing.

    If he has to spend money on a stamp they will never hear from him again.

    *\. You wouldnt hit a man with glasses... wait didnt you punch a flaming *ouch*

  18. Anonymous Coward

    As a Scot....

    I'm just pleased to see they can tell us apart from The English

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Utter Twaddle

    I'm Scots and its actually in our upbringing to go without to give our last food/drink/penny to complete strangers. I'm sick of this nonsense being propagated.

    Scots are actually faultlessly generous -- its the English that are a bunch or tight-arses.

  20. John Hawkins

    And people complain that Germans lack a sense of humor

    Still, the Scots are said to have created golf so they must have a sense of humor somewhere.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @thomas k.

    That may just have had the slightest bit of humour if you'd managed to spell meringue correctly.

    As it is, it's old, tired and as funny as a vasectomy with a rusty chainsaw.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Fawlty Logic

    Whatever you do, don't mention the war!

  23. Anonymous Coward

    What we can deduce -

    Is not what Germans think of the Scots, but what German twits like Flaskamper think of the Scots.

    Most Germans like the people, don't mind the beer, and are rightfully suspicious of the weather. Personally, the only thing I can complain about Germany is that the Northern half is flat as a pancake that's had a run-in with a steamroller. This is more than made up for by the beer however, which is not.

  24. Splurg The Barbarian

    A completely untrue stereotype

    As a Scot it does get a bit grating to be constantly accused of being tight, especially as I recall per head of population we give more to children in need etc than any other part of the country.

    On the other hand I wish the SNP would stop doing anything to get their picture in the paper or on the tv!

    Penguin? Well it is free is it not, just because its grating to be accused of being tight , doesn't mean I'm not!! ;)

  25. Tom Turck

    Pot calling the kettle

    A case of the pot calling the kettle black here....

  26. Tom Turck

    Bismarck in a kilt

    Seriously well known that Bismark loved Scotland!

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Mean? Surely some mistake.

    Deeply unfair to imply the scots are mean. They're extremely generous with English money.

  28. Hud Dunlap

    So Sue 3m corporation

    Where do you think the name Scotch Tape came from?

  29. Campbeltonian

    Give it a rest...

    I'm Scottish myself, and I think one of our better attributes is our self-deprecating sense of humour. So we don't mind that much that people call us tight, as long as it's a good laugh.

    Instead of whinging about our negative attributes, let's focus on our positive attributes such as our sense of humour, or our inventiveness.

    For example, the invention of copper wire can be attributed to a Scot.

    Well, two Scots.

    Fighting over a penny.

  30. Stu_The_Jock

    The truth about scots

    Scots are NOT mean, or tight fisted in any way.

    It is mearly a story we spred to reduce the occurance of people asking us for money.

    < snigger >

    Personally I have no problem with the stereotype jokes, as long as it's done with the right spirit.

    Whisky (NO NOT Whiskey, that's american and an abomination!)

  31. Richard 102

    Terrible stereotype

    Why pick on the Scots? All this hated invective should be directed towards the Danes, he said, channeling the late Severn Darden.

  32. Dave Murray
    Thumb Down

    No title (saves words)

    The SNP should get back to trying to run the country and stop making stupid pronouncements that none of us have any interest in. Oh wait that's all they've ever done.

  33. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    Jesus, get some perspective, man

    “It doesn’t have to be this way. You wouldn’t do it with orthodox Jews, so why do it with Scots?"

    Because, you numpty, Scots have never been killed in pogroms or holocausts sustained by vicious propaganda accusing them of being blood-sucking usurers, that's why.

    Feel free to whine about some tacky, old-fashioned adverts all you want but please don't try to make out that they're practically copies of Der Stürmer.

    (On a side note, it's interesting that the Christian Democrats guy is a German of Scottish descent while Wikipedia says Angus Robertson is a Scot of German descent!)

  34. C. P. Cosgrove

    Brits ?

    Contrary to the impression given in the footnote, the last time I looked, we Scots were Brits. Good laugh though

    Chris Cosgrove

  35. Tzael

    Easily offended?

    I don't think it's wrong to call us scots tight-fisted, we often joke about it ourselves. I think this is a case of not liking it when other people point it out. It's a bit like when a certain type of woman goes on about how ugly or flabby she thinks she is, but if someone made the same comments to that woman they'd better have fast legs!

    Speaking personally as a scot I don't think I'm necessarily tight-fisted, I just believe in getting good value for my money :)

    Maybe it's just the SNP that feel as if this is some personal persecution against them, or more likely just another opportunity to get in the papers...

  36. Neil Greatorex

    The Grand Canyon wasn't formed by millions of years of erosion

    Nope, a Scotsman lost a tenner down a rabbit hole.....

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    May i be the first...

    ... to welcome the harsh humour being dealt to our NuLabour porridge-bothering tuition-fee-imposing bank-bustin overlords

  38. Jason Togneri

    @ Thorsten

    No, it's not "McSomething", after McDonald's, it's actually "MacSomething" - one such being a cheap newsagent/stationer chain, called MacPaper. So an allusion to the Scots, rather than the US junk food chain.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm English in origin, and moved north of the Border 30 years ago. Before I moved, friends asked me why the hell I might ever wish to live among such mean people. I replied that their comments were racist - of course - you simply can't categorise a whole country like that.

    Within a few years of moving here, I was asked again how I found the Scots. In all honesty I had to report that I found them for the main part to be as tight as fishes' arses - and they're watertight. At best, Scots can be generous to a fault - but at worst they are mind-bogglingly, embarrassingly, wish-the-earth-would-swallow-me-up, mean. The latter numbers sufficient to make the traditional generalisation a fair one.

    I can well see why they resent the German comment. Scots resent - often violently - any picture of Brigadoon that doesn't present a self-righteous image of some kind of intellectual and cultural paradise, rather than the narrow-minded third-world country it is rapidly becoming. In a way, just a pity the country is so damned beautiful.

    But of course, compulsory political correctness dictates I simply may not say such things, however true, and I dare say this comment will never be published.

  40. J 3
    Paris Hilton


    When a Conservative tells you to lighten up about something, things must sure be weird...

    Anyway, would the SNP blokes want to trade stereotypes with us Brazilians? Or are Scottish women already considered beautiful, but also easy sluts? Just the former? Just the latter? None?

    Is Paris of Scottish descent? I'm not.

  41. N2


    Tight as a gnats chuff

  42. Richard IV

    Dare one?

    Of course one does.

    Clearly the Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh tram service are evidence of Scots not being tightarses. Merely evidence of them being a bunch of ginger haggis-munching sporran-wearing alcoholic cholesterol-ridden heroin-overdosing Anglo-subsidised money wasters.

    Which stereotypes do the Scots prefer? I would suggest that stinginess and orange freckliness were the least of their worries.

    [Disclaimer: it is not funny when your flatmates decide to watch Braveheart 3 times back to back. Consider this revenge... mine's the one with Employee of the month: Robert Campbell on the nametag]

  43. Charles Manning

    Why do Scots have long thin cocks?

    Because they're so tight fisted.

  44. Anonymous Coward


    Being English and having lived in Scotland for 5 years I'd like to ask what makes him think Scots are blameless in national stereotyping stakes?

  45. Geoff Mackenzie

    "us Brits"

    There are no Brits, ye Sassenach.

    Scots aren't tight, just very poor. Has to do with our thieving neighbours to the South.

  46. Davey Bee

    Well, I'm a Scot

    And this doesn't bother me at all. I'm sure the Germans don't really think this about individual Scotsmen, so I just find it funny. What did niggle me for a time was that any Scotsmen in 90s soaps seemed to be violent drunks; but this sort of jokey stuff about being mean? Nah, no sweat.

    PS And no, I don't wear a skirt either. Well, except on Saturday nights I suppose, when I usually call myself Linzee

    PS2 Doh!!!!!!!

  47. Robert E A Harvey

    For Glod's sake

    Without a bit of racial sterotyping the world gets very dull.

    I say, Up with pot-smoking dutchmen with their fingers in Dykes, Hurray for French chaps on bicycles with onions on the handlebars, Welcome the Fat Bavarians in lederhosen with a sausage in one hand and a beer in the other, Well Done to repressed Englishmen in suits, Huzzah for comic-opera Italians gesticulating all over the place, and God bless all Swedes, clever enough to follow you into a revolving door and coming out first!

    Russians /have/ to wear fur hats; Irishmen /need/ to carry a shelaliegh; and Norwegians /must/ eat fish 3 times a day. It's traditional. Just as the Welsh /ought/ to be in a running battle with red-haired winking dominatricies of restricted height. [1]

    So why on earth should the Scots be exempt? It could be worse, they could be portrayed as dour, humourless, kill-joys standing at despatch boxes and looking in two directions at once.

    I'll get me coat. It's got bells and hankies tied on it, and a squeezebox in the pocket.

    [1] to be fair, /anyone/ in a running battle with that one deserves public support.

  48. El Zed

    Ye may tak' oor freedom, but ye'll no tak the piss...

    Ah, must be great,

    All Scotland's internal problems have all been solved, so now the SNP can go tackle the most important external problem facing the Scots in the 21st century, that of the comedy stereotype of the 'canny' Scot being used by the German advertising industry.

    (Forget the skagheids, forget the EEC fucking up oor fishin, forget the fucked up economy, forget the corrupt councils etc, forget yon sassenach scunners urr aboot to fob anither Tory government oan us, forget yon sassenachs stealin' oor oil (GDARFC :) ) yon Gerrie scunners are takin' the piss oot 'o us, an' its naw fair...)

    True, this gross and unfair stereotyping of our whole nation by those square-headed-sauerkraut -munching-lederhosen-wearing Teutons has to stop, as any Scot will tell you it's really only people from 'Furry Boot' city who're the tight-fisted barstuarts...

    Serious sense of humour failure here on the part of this SNP tumshie.. or is he just being a bit of a media whore.. So, what's next on this ba'bags agenda eh, demanding maybe a rewrite of 'Kidnapped' to remove Ebenezer Balfour?, and, as a previous poster did mention Scrooge McDuck, how about him tackling Disney on that one then? (good luck with that, and, what's that, Glasgow council have got Mr. McDuck down as one of their listed 'Famous weegies'?, aw bugger...)

    Maybe he should also hae a go at Pterry for the feegles as well, eh?

    For the record, if it's not that obvious, I am a Scot. I have a number of German friends, hell, I have friends from all over this bloody dirtball, and the comedic 'tight-fisted Scot' is a global stereotype, I'll stress these two words again *global* and *comedic*..we use stereotypes to take the piss out of them (cf. Germans and lederhosen, French and surrender-minkys etc. etc.) they, in turn, take the piss out of us in a similar fashion.

    This guy being such an arse about something this trivial doesn't actually do anything to positively improve the image of Scots abroad, it just makes us look just that wee bit mair dour, and, just maybe, helps to reinforce the stereotype that he's complaining about, so could someone please go apply the cluestick to this eejit?

    Ach no, on second thoughts, just let him run wi' it. If he's happy faffing around with something this inane, its one less idiot pratting about with the economy..

  49. thomas k.

    @AC 18:06

    I had a horrified feeling shortly after I posted that I'd mis-spelled meringue, thanks for pointing that out.

    Be that as it may, I just heard it for the 1st time yesterday and thought it was cute. I was going to tell it to the one Scot I know but you're saying I shouldn't bother?

    That probably goes for the one about the difference between Frank Sinatra and Walt Disney, too.

  50. Jason Togneri

    @ Throatwobbler Mangrove

    "“It doesn’t have to be this way. You wouldn’t do it with orthodox Jews, so why do it with Scots?""

    "Because, you numpty, Scots have never been killed in pogroms or holocausts sustained by vicious propaganda accusing them of being blood-sucking usurers, that's why."

    And you're a pillock who evidently knows nothing about Scottish history. The Jews aren't the only race who've been picked on, abused, trampled down, over-taxed, outright slaughtered, had their language and culture brutally repressed, and finally been shipped off by the thousands to America and Australia, you know.

  51. blackworx

    This Titleness I Don't Possess

    “Germans are generally careful not to employ national stereotypes"

    Bullshit. Has he in all his time never once heard the word 'Inselaffen'?

    I'm Scottish and I say good on the perps if they can use our national stereotype to extract money from punters. Makes me feel all goosebumpy and proud. I am of course writing this whilst stealing someone else's bandwidth, drinking their coffee and smoking their fags. Shortly to be followed by an unhurried Richard in their lav before sauntering off to "work" where more of the same will ensue. It's ok though 'cos I pay the gas bill.

  52. Des

    @LuMan - Beer for Breakfast

    LuMan is quite correct; Bavarians do drink beer for breakfast! I've had Wurst und Weißbier a few times with my Bavarian wife, but the difference is they don't drink beer for the hell of it (unless it's Oktoberfest), but rather as food, beer has it's place as part of a meal.

    As someone else pointed out, Germans do have a sense of humour and they don't reserve their racial stereo-typing for the Scots. I remember finding the advert for a ready-meal of fish and chips advertised as "Very British", and having no problem with that whatsoever.

  53. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Charles Manning

    That might be funny if you included the correct punchline, which is:

    "Because they're tight-fisted wankers."

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    See this is why...

    I don't like it when we let any Holyrood official speak.

    Scottish btw.

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    The Scots are noo tight

    Just under generous.

  56. Fooey


    The SNP's complaints about Scottish stereotyping would be a lot easier to take seriously if their leader didn't turn up to represent Scotland at Tartan Day in New York dressed up like something on the front of a shortbread tin. Also, 'Tartan Day'?!! If we are going to perpetuate the stereotype ourselves we can hardly complain about others doing so.

  57. Paul Hates Handles

    It's funny because...'s fucking true.

  58. The Beer Monster

    For sale

    Comment Stepladders. To help people who should get over themselves get over themselves.

    £4.99 ono.


    The comment reading sheep shagging thieving Taffy bastard.

  59. Anonymous Coward


    "anyone who complains in all seriousness about jokes must be humourless, thin-skinned, and nursing a inferiority complex" - yep, that's the SNP for you!

    And anyway, as Richard IV says, how can we Scots be considered mean when we're spending the best part of a billion quid to replace the number 22 bus route in the capital with trams that are four times the size of a bus and have fewer seats?

  60. Anonymous Coward

    Scottish and Jewish Jokes

    This idiot forgets, that in the 3rd Reich, the Germans had a bit of a thing going against the jews, so it is a rather sensitive issue.

    <irony>Maybe he would have prefered them going aginst the Scots, I am sure they wouldn't use the stereotypes then. Apart from that, they wouldn't exist anymore, because Jews survived, because they were and intelligent.</irony>

    BTW: I am German, and there is nothing I hate more than political correctness (as many of my friends and collgues know.

    So here one from me, that would probably suit 'ol Angus....

    A German goes on Holiday to Glasgow and asks a local... what do you think of scotts jokes?

    Where the scottsman replies.... use them sparingly.....

    And finally... the best jokes about the scottish I have heard sofar actually came from a scottsman.... and for those who can read German:


  61. Nick Pettefar


    My frau is from North Germany which I often describe as like Scotland but without the mountains. All her family are frugal people...

  62. goggyturk

    @ Watertight...

    Maybe you should try Norway. I hear they like trolls there.

  63. Russ Williams

    I hear he'd tried to complain by phone...

    ... but they wouldn't accept the charges.

  64. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What about the Welsh

    Two comments I heard whilst living here in North Wales

    One of God's little jokes...

    He made the beautiful country of Wales and then gave it to the Welsh

    and the definition of a Welshman?

    A Scot with the generosity squeezed out of him.

    Where's the sheep icon?

  65. Anonymous Coward

    "I am a Scot" etc..

    Unlike the Labour mercurials on this board (Glasgow Northeast coming up, get unto that breach lads), I think Robertson has a point - albeit put a little dramatically.

    This isn't about Scots in particular, it's about the principles of equality and discrimination: Herr Flaskamper is using a cultural/racial stereotype to promote his business.

    Which part of that is acceptable?

  66. Get the puck outa here

    Things are looking up

    Obviously the economy is improving in Scotland if the SNP has nothing better to do than whine about irrelevant stuff like this.

  67. Andy 70

    the number 22?

    ok, just so i'm straight with this. 4 times the size, and less seats? so are they business class seats? and as such, you have no need to go home? just fall asleep trundling round on the 22.

    save a bundle on not having a mortgage etc ;)

    a billion huh? so thats where half the budget to aircondition the tube went :))

  68. mike2R

    The story of McMean

    McMean was tired of being poor, so he prayed to God: "please God, let me win the nation lottery."

    The draw came, and McMean didn't win. Telling himself not to grumble, he prayed again to God, "please God, please. I hate being poor, please let me win the national lottery."

    Again, no win for McMean. A third time McMean got down on his knees and begged. "Please God, please! You have ignored my prayers twice already, please don't desert me. I have never asked for anything before. Please let me win the national lottery!"

    The sky opened and an awesome voice boomed out. "For heaven's sake McMean, meet me half way! Buy a fucking ticket!"

  69. The Beer Monster

    God's little joke...

    Surely that's the one along the lines of...

    St Peter (to God): You must truly love the Welsh, look at the wonderful country you gave them.

    God: Yes, but they're really going to be pissed off about their next door neighbours.

  70. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge


    As far as I can tell, Scots have the same rights and privileges as anyone else when visiting Germany. It's not as if Germans everywhere are pointing and laughing at Scots in the street, or refusing them service in restaurants because of their country of origin. If you think that this has anything to do with either equality or discrimination, the maybe you should buy a dictionary?

    On another note, I have just spent the past weekend visiting Berlin and nowhere did I see a single image of a comedy Scotsman, so i think maybe the 'problem' isn't as endemic as some would like to make out. Pretty much every group of people has a stereotype attached, I don't think any reasonable person thinks that the stereotype accurately represents the people in question. Maybe those who have a problem with the stereotypes have such a comfortable life that they have nothing better to do with their time, in which case I can point them in the direction of a dozen worthy causes that could do with their attention.

  71. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @TeeCee 2009 08:38 GMT

    Sorry.... Can't you get this one right? The correct form is:

    "Because they're a bunch of tight-fisted wankers."

    You have to say 'bunch of', otherwise it just doesn't come out right.

    Here's another one: "How many Englishmen does it take to tell a Scottish joke..."

  72. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For what it's worth...

    As a Scot I used to get annoyed by the "All Scots are mean" stereotype as I am personally anything but. Not that I'm perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I'm not mean.

    I've also never understood how our generally accepted reputation for hospitality fits in with being mean either.

    Over time though it became apparent that the stereotype is one of those that is never, never, never going to change so these days my opinion is "f**k it".

  73. Jason Togneri
    Thumb Down

    @ Ed Blackshaw / @ Gerhardt

    Ditto here. I've just come back from a week in Hannover (via Munich) and at no point did I see any adverts featuring Scotsmen. As a Scotsman myself, I'm sure I'd have noticed. It's just people stirring muck.

  74. I didn't do IT.


    As a 'Merkin, I'm just glad its not about us this time. :)

    Though my family is Scottish... damn.

  75. tjake13


    The Dutch are known to be tighter than a Scot; but they don't have those cute outfits.

  76. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Just a joke

    Always been that way in the UK with the stereotype of Scot=mean, Irish=thick, English=arrogant, and we all laughed at the *joke* anyway, only the likes of the BNP retards actually believed them to be true. As a Scot, we also have regional variations where, for example, Aberdeen is seen as meaner than elsewhere and with a greater fondness for sheep.

    Mine has the jar of mint sauce thanks...

  77. Anonymous Coward

    Geiz ist Geile.... aber!

    ScottenPreise sind ambestern!

    (greed is good, but scotts prices are the best)


    typical german adverts on TV and bilboards across germany.

    just sooo not politically correct, but then they couldnt get away with saying

    something like jewdiche prices have the absolutly tightest margins!

    The old edwardian stereotypes of the likes of Ebineezer Scrooge or Fagin as just soo not allowed these days.

    which is a shame really, in these times of 21st century depression...

    mines the coat (you!) came in wearing.....bye.. gotta run.......................

  78. brightsparking
    Thumb Up

    It's just banter

    I'm a Scot and I used to live in Germany, great people with a fantastic sense of humour.

    This kind of banter is normal and we should laugh a lot at it. I'm also an SNP supporter and don't agree with Herr Robertson

    Latest mobile phone tarrifs anyone? Same joke differnt product.

  79. Sweep

    Marks and Sparks

    Used to advertise in Vienna with the slogan "English quality, Scottish prices". In German, obviously.

  80. ian 22

    Damn the stereotyping and bring on the jokes!

    A laddie from the Black Watch walks into the chemists and shows him a prophylactic and asks "How much will it be to replace it?", the chemist replies 6 pence.

    "How much to repair it?", 4 pence the chemist replies.

    "I'll be back." the scotsman says.

    A week later he returns to the chemists, and extracting the condom says "The regiment voted to repair it."

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