back to article The Meta Cloud gets more meta

RightScale has renewed its quest for The Meta Cloud. On Monday the Santa Barbara, California startup unveiled a new version of its Cloud Management Platform, an online service meant to grease the use of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and other so-called infrastructure clouds, including GoGrid and Rackspace's Cloud …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Oh No?!


    Does this merely imply that a cloud based app (ok, I use the phrase loosely) is merely an authentication of hardware, firmware and APIs already on the device?

    With or without a bit of memory management thrown in?

  2. Jesse Robbins - Opscode CEO
    Thumb Up

    More about Opscode Chef...

    RightScale has been doing some really awesome stuff with Chef, and we're honored to have them as partners & contributors to the project. They hare the first (that I am aware of) to bridge multiple cloud infrastructure providers... something that has been hyped by a number of people for some time. Hopefully this is the first of many good things to come.

    If you want to learn a little more about Chef & how it works in other environments (including traditional servers & desktop environments), please check out the following:

    * <-- Main Chef Page

    * <-- Chef Wiki

    * <-- Public Cookbook Site

    -Jesse Robbins

  3. jake Silver badge

    This stuff makes me laugh :-)

    "You specify what resources each virtual server requires, and at runtime, RightScale's system uses these recipes to cook up server instances in a way that's independent from cloud architectures, system architectures, and operating systems."

    If it is "independent" from such architectures and systems, why does it depend on them?

    More snake oil. I'll continue to roll out traditional data centers until IBM, Microsoft and Google are all swapping services with each other. (That's another way of saying "clouds don't scale", if you are completely computer & networking illiterate. Which most of these marketing bozos seem to be.)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    not so interesting, actually

    Cade, thanks for a good report! I understand why you use the "meta cloud" analogy, but we're trying to avoid being thought of as a cloud. Our users run their servers in Amazon, RackSpace, GoGrid, Eucalyptus, etc. That's the cloud they're using. RightScale is the management platform they use to manage all these cloud resources. In the end our users are in control of their servers, disk volumes, IP addresses as they get them from the infrastructure cloud provider, We just enable then, make it easier, save time, reduce risk.

    Just a comment on deltacloud and libcloud: while I'm adamant that a "standard" API is only a tiny fraction of the problem I also support the emerging efforts. They don't solve the problem but the industry has to start somewhere. Any progress made will help us and may eventually grow into something really good. We've been rather distant from the efforts so far because we have our hands full with projects that benefit customers today, we're already spread very thin.

  5. jake Silver badge

    I find it interesting ...

    I find it interesting that both Jesse Robbins & "Thorsten 1" don't care enough about promoting their technology to bother proof-reading public responses in a forum as high profile as ElReg ...

    Here's a hint, kids: Bandwagon-jumping requires something resembling literacy if you want to be considered a serious player.

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