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While Nokia continues to push at the boundaries of mobile phone technology, it also has its eye on the voice-as-primary-function mainstream. This is where its bread and butter lies, and a market well served by the stalwart and very popular 6300. Now meet its successor, the 6303 Classic. Nokia 6303 Classic Nokia's 6303 …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    I'll stick with my 10 year old Nokia 5185

    Nice try, Nokia, but not quite there yet.

    Most folks in the RealWorld(tm) want a phone to just be a phone.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice to see

    that some people still remember what a phone is for.

    All they need to do now is junk the camera and we may be able to use it for work.

    Following recent events we are not allowed phones, either business or private, with any form of camera in the work environment as we provide care to children and vulnerable adults. This is starting to cause a problem as the range is becoming extremely limited.

    Perhaps manufacturers would like to note!

  3. Andus McCoatover

    No 3G?

    Makes the phone obsolete soon. OK, when I worked at Nokia, we were told* (in maybe 2004) that 2G would be dead in 2009. Now it's pushed to 2011, but the standard has been ageing for donkeys.

    3G will be the de facto standard for the net decade, and TDMA (2-2½G) will simply vanish.

    *We were also told, in 2000, that W-CDMA (3G) can never work, due to the 'near-far' problem. Hahahaha.

    Moral? "Experts" often talk bollocks.

  4. Olaf 1 Silver badge

    ok but why buy it

    I've got a Nokia 3110 Classic and it's a good phone. The battery lasts for 2 weeks on a charge, the screen is readable in most situations, the sound is clear and the reception is better than most.

    This new one seems to be much of the same but with a slightly better camera. Since I don't use the camera on the current classic why would I bother on the new one.

    these phones are bought by people who use them as phones and not much else so £125 is a lot to replicate the function of a lot of models people already have.

  5. Len Silver badge

    Shortcut to camera via jog?

    Doesn't pushing that jog-thingie upward act as a shortcut to the camera? That has been the case in this phone's predecessors in the 63xx series. My current 6300 does that for instance...

  6. Daniel 1


    If I knew someone that wanted a phone, just to make phonecalls on, I'd still point them at a Nokia 1100: an immortal, and indestructible device. If the 1100 is the Honda Cub of mobile phones, then this is more of a Honda Superdream, of a thing, and just a nasty.

  7. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

    A no-frills phone just for talking on? Surely not?

    Apparently not, because it does apps, music, takes pictures, and web browsing. I question what Sandra thinks is basic phone use.

    Call me old fashioned, but I count answering and making voice calls is basic phone use.

  8. The Indomitable Gall

    If it's just for talking...

    If it's just for talking, why the battery-burning backlit full-colour screen? Give me an old-school reflective monochrome display please.

  9. Doug 10
    Thumb Up

    I Like

    Got this phone for free off O2 via and they were kind enough to send me a cheque for £210 24 month contract mind but I had my previous 6300 for 3 years so no problem for me.

    Does all the basics well (calling and sms), photos I agree are weak (up jog is still the shortcut). Browsing Internet is not really a good idea but I can get to the footy or cricket scores via a bookmark in seconds so can't really complain.

    What else do you really need?

  10. flatpole
    Thumb Up

    A phone is what it is, what it does.

    I recently upgraded to one of these after my venerable 8310 started to get a little flaky.

    I'm really pleased with it. I make some calls, send some text messages and with a bit of care, get two weeks of battery life.

    If you ignored the fact that the up button on my 8310 had stopped working completely then it did everything I wanted - but it was slow. Loading the inbox when you had more than 10 text messages took forever. By contrast the 6303 zips around quite happily.

    In summary: it's a very good phone.

  11. Matt 58

    I have one of these

    Works ok,

    camera does well considering its got no moving parts on the out side.

    i've taken some very nice shots with it.

    cant seem to uninstall any games on the card despite the fact that the trial period ran out as soon as i turned the phone on.

    actually can't remove any pre installed stuff from the phone, vids, music, ring tones etc.

    also the cover for the usb port is a bitch to open, i have to use a mini screw driver.

    one of the most annoying things is the "W n W" button, top right in the picture, cant be reassigned and i don't want to use it, so since it is also the back button in the menu system i'm always pushing it too many times and turning on the web which then loads up, i press cancel and it goes away again.

    other than that though, phone is clear, texting is good, many options for tweeking. camera is good enough for what i want, i.e. i did not really want one but when in rome...

    screen takes up most of the front so difficult to see how it could be bigger.

  12. GettinSadda

    @Andus McCoatover

    "Makes the phone obsolete soon. OK, when I worked at Nokia, we were told* (in maybe 2004) that 2G would be dead in 2009. Now it's pushed to 2011, but the standard has been ageing for donkeys."

    So Scotland will soon be without mobile phone coverage then?

    The maps at show how poor the coverage is for the majority of Scotland, and none of the companies seem particularly interested in improving it.

  13. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Remove the camera...

    and I'll buy one. Make the buttons bigger and the screen smaller while you're at it, too.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ok but why buy it - I have a Nokia 3110

    I agree. I beat that, though as I've got a 3109 Classic and it doesn't even HAVE a camera... and 3110 and 3109 have the biggest buttons I've seen on Nokia phones

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Remove the camera...

    I'm turning into a troll - look at the Nokia 3109c. it also has bigger buttons and a smaller screen.

    Review - Up to 2gb card, not a bad music player but it takes a while to load up the music player if the card is getting full. If you don't care about that then just ignore this.

  16. me 13
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    No USB sale!

  17. Ed 11
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    Good second phone

    I have a iPhone for personal use, and a 6303 classic for work use (I like being able to turn my work phone off when I'm not, you know, at work). For what it is, it's brilliant. Feels very nice in the hand and the battery goes on and on... think I've charged it 4 times in the last month.

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