back to article Moffat leaves IBM after insider trading arrest

Bob Moffat - IBM's top server, storage, and chip exec - has left the company following his arrest for alleged involvement in an insider trading scam. Moffat was arrested by the FBI on October 16 and charged by the US District Attorneys office in Manhattan, along with five others, in an alleged insider trading scam that allowed …


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  1. raving angry loony

    Na po le on

    And another nail in the coffin of the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing. I guess it was good while it lasted, but Napoleon will have the last laugh after all.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    civil not criminal

    Bob Moffat was on tape in violation of company policy. He was fired. There is no requirement for innocent until proven guilty in civil cases. He will never make a list of "this day in history Bob f'd up". Bob is a hatchet man who everyone despised.

    Rod Adkins is great. He has been with technology group and was responsible for Power's growth from #3 to #1 in market share. Power systems is now 50% market share in the US. Rod is the admirable leader that will lead the solutions to the problems with data centers. IBM's future in servers and storage is on the fast path!

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    We are right royally named, methinks... :-)

    raving angry loony,

    I saw nothing in the article which said he was not innocent. Do you have insider information to suggest otherwise?

  4. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

    Go, Moffat, Go!!!

    Oh, you did.

    Never mind then.

  5. raving angry loony

    @AC, @amanfromMars

    AC: he was charged with a criminal offence, then was (probably) made to resign before that offence had been proven in a court of law. I see no mention of a "civil" case in this article or others.

    amanfromMars: you're making way too much sense, and are therefore an imposter. But you've also completely missed the point, which was that he wouldn't have left IBM if he hadn't be charged and considered guilty before being proven guilty. In this case I was commenting on the situation, not the article.

    That said, weasel-words like "alleged" might be good enough to protect scandalsheets from libel suits, but it's still part-and-parcel of the western press' love of trying and judging people before they get a fair trial. This article is relatively tame, but it's still part of the problem.

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    Was always going to happen

    Given the publicly release details of the phone taps, it's clear they couldn't keep him and continue to expect the rest of IBM to take the BCGs seriously.

    Whether he is guilty of insider trading is a matter for the courts to decide though.

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