back to article DJ Hero sets up, scratches down in Blighty

Strumming is out and spinning is in, at least according to videogame developer FreeStyleGames, which has today launched DJ Hero as a rival to Guitar Hero. DJ_Hero_01 DJ Hero makes spinning tunes easy, but won't turn you into John Peel DJ Hero invites would-be slipmat superstars to mix, spin and scratch tunes on a plastic …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    For similar money you can get a Hercules DJ mixing console and mix your own library for real - much more fun.

  2. Tullibardine

    What a cheek!

    This will remove the skill required in DJ'ing? Dragging musical knowledge and skill down to the level of ... ehhhhhh DJ's?

  3. Alex 28
    Thumb Down

    Yeah man,

    get one of these for a fiver less and do it properly:

  4. dl

    Why Not?

    Aren't these comments about hercules mixing consoles a bit like telling FIFA and Madden players to buy a football or Manhunt players to go and murder some people for real.

    What if you just want to play a game and can't be arsed mucking about learning how to use real mixing consoles.

  5. Geo

    looks weak..

    Think i'll stick to my technics for dj'ing and Guitar hero for gaming.. Will there be two player available?

This topic is closed for new posts.