back to article Sun aims for sky, shoots self in foot

As European regulators drag their feet on approving Oracle's $7.4bn acquisition of Sun Microsystems, the securities laws for public companies back home in the States compel Sun to still do its paperwork. Sun has dutifully sent out the proxy notices to shareholders telling them to mark their calendars for the annual shareholder …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    WTF is SEC

    This is pretty f***ing amazing that Obama's SEC is not investigating this. These guys drive the company to the drain for their own benefit. Crooks/Thieves with the US Government approval.

  2. Tom Fleming

    Whaddaya want from the SEC?

    The SEC is not in charge of Sun running its company well. This IS Capitalism, ya know. The SEC is only about following a process of reporting what is being done. I suppose that you want the newpapers to be responsible for preventing crime too, eh?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    RE: WTF is SEC # Obama's SEC

    > This is pretty f***ing amazing that Obama's SEC is not investigating this.


    GM = U.S. Owned General (eh hum... Government) Motors

    Chrysler = Italy's Government Motors (Fiat)

    Socialists & Communists desire to consolidate free market companies to control them.

    No surprise here - Sun / Oracle is just another example, which it did not have to force via a Csar.

  4. Kevin Hutchinson

    Puesta del Sol

    Thank you Sun for all the good times. I guess the delusions of grandeur had to end at some point. At least we've got beer money to keep us smiling a while longer. I wonder what Scott, Jon and Greg will do next - maybe join Andreas von Bechtolsheim on his "the network is not quite the computer" venture?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    You guessed wrong

    Sun will post earning, or lack thereof, Nov 7th after the market closes on Friday.

    I am surprised they can even close the books anymore. The executive suite has basically abandoned ship. Anyone that can get a job has left and all the golden parachute flunkies are hanging out at the starbucks.

    Questions I have:

    1) Why does it take Sun over a money to close its books?

    2) Why has Larry never acknowledged that half of Sun's hardware comes from Fujtisu?

    3) When Larry said "Sun is bleeding $100M per month and he wants to get this done quick so he can save jobs" is that 15K vs. 16K he plans to layoff?

    4) What is this country going to be like once all the computer hardware goes to China?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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