back to article Nintendo confirms big-screen DSi

Just days after rumours of an upcoming DSi with larger screens first broke, Nintendo has confirmed that just such a handheld console will be delivered in time for Christmas. DSi_LL Nintendo's DSi LL has two 4.2in screens The redesigned machine – officially called the DSi LL - will feature two 4.2in screens, meaning that …


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  1. Jeremy Chappell


    Damn, there's another couple of hundred pounds headed out of my wallet! Still, it is at least something I know I'll actually use (my DSi is never more than a few feet away - unless I've drained the power) unlike my Sony PSP (I know I left it somewhere around here - stupid thing).

  2. MarkOne

    In other words

    In the same breath, Nintendo admit the DSi and Wii are playing catchup in terms of features the PSP and PS3, and that any money you spent on Nintendo needs to be spent again... (not that is a bad thing for Nintendo).

  3. Patrick 14


    They are getting very Close to iPod touch prices, I was going to get my kids a new dsi for Xmas as they only have ds and ds lite, but I can pay from nothing to £4.99 for good games on the touch..

    They still have there ds's for there games they own now, so it's very close call...

    And they are able to use my 3GS iPhone ok...

  4. Hans 1

    @Patrick 14

    iPod touch is indeed a better alternative if they already have a ds ... because the dsi [XL] have bigger screens, but for games it makes them worse than DS's. Just think of those awful 19" LCD screens with a pathetic 1024x768 resolution .... everything looks blurred because the dpi is too low ....

    Play it safe, get the touch .... that's what I am doing, anyway ;-)

    Besides the (god forbid) R4 does not work with the dsi [XL] .... too bad!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @Patrick14 / @Hans1

    Yep, I'd second that - if the kiddies already have a DS (Lite) then a DSi or even the DSiXL doesn't really add much, so if they need a 'tech fix' for Christmas then an 8GB iPod Touch makes a heck of a lot more sense.

    Besides, if my sprogs are anything to go by then a DSi is a "gee, thanks" present whereas the iPod would have them jumping up and down with excitement.

    Still pity the poor schmucks who ponied up the money for a PSP (or PSPGo). I bought one and I think that I use the DSLite about 10x more, so with hindsight it was a bit of waste of money, (and I'm not the only one who thinks this - see the first posting on this thread!). I stuck with the DSLite instead of buying a DSi and I'm very sure I won't be rushing down to Game to get a DSiXL when it comes out.

  6. Bryan Anderson

    @AC 14:14

    If your kids would reply with just a "gee thanks" to a DSi then they need a bloody good talking to. Ungrateful little buggers.

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