back to article Leaked Lotus doc hints at e-Evora

The evidence that Lotus may launch a leccy version of its Evora sports car is mounting, following a leaked company presentation highlighting how the model could be used as the basis for a sporty e-car. Lotus Evora Lotus' Evora: is a leccy model be in the works? Lotus’ engineering document outlines the Evora’s suitability …


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  1. CC

    Maybe the Tesla S will be replacing the Roadster?

    What they hey, the more electrics the better....looks like Tesla may be planning to phase out the Roadster once the S hits the showrooms....makes sense since the sales of the S should be much higher than the Roadster due to price points and they may well be getting a kickback from Lotus to boot.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Anyone else misinterpret this bit of the title:

    "Leaked Lotus doc"

    I thought: who the hell uses lotus docs?

    I then realised it was the car company, not the software company.

  3. Al - Leeds

    Not their first electric car outing

    Let's not forget that Lotus developed the chassis for the Sinclair C5 way back in the early 80's - way ahead of the curve.

  4. Steven Jones

    @AC 16:35

    The mark of a man lacking lacking confidence is feeling compelled to explain his jokes. It was, by IT standards, not a bad joke. But, as Elbart Hubbard once said, never explain...

  5. charlie wallace


    this was pretty much announced on 1.5.09 by mike kimberly the ex ceo.

  6. exit...quit...bye...quitbye.ctrl-C..ctrlX.ctrl-alt-X...aarrrr*slam*


    Huzzah! Another electric sports car never to be produced. Way to go!

    Meanwhile still on my wishlist: Station wagon large enough for a family with two children to go on vacation with. A decent engine would be nice (I could live with 120kW AWD), but two weeks worth of luggage and the stroller are a priority.

  7. John Latham


    "a 200kW electric motor connected to a 71kWh battery"

    That's no good - it'll run out of juice after 21 minutes at full throttle, which will probably get you about 50 miles down the autobahn.

    Then what?

  8. The First Dave

    @John Latham

    After 21 minutes of full-throttle, this thing will be approaching the sound-barrier, and can free-wheel the rest of the journey .

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