back to article TwitterPeek - the handset that spews Web2.0rhea...

Are you into Twitter? Are you insanely, over-the-top, Tweeting-at-your-mother's-funeral into Twitter? Well, now there's a device made just for your crippling character flaw, you lucky duck. Peek, the folks who make always-on handsets just for email, bring you TwitterPeek: a $200 mobile that does nothing but send, receive, and …


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  1. Noogie Brown

    When will they be releasing a ElRegPeek

    so I can check the reg all day and post inane comments wherever i am

  2. Charles Manning

    The really, really sad part...

    it that some twankers will actually buy this thing.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    a cheaper option

    you could always use the Pocket Surfer 2 (avalable for £60 at amazon) which will allow you to access twitter and other websites for over half the price!

  4. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge


    (I dislike the name RegPad.)

  5. Cliff

    Someone, somewhere...

    Won't be too long before someone somewhere flashes the OS to make a real handset out of it, in which case it might be a good and affordable linux/android host? I suppose it may not feature a mic or speaker which would spanner the works, but who knows?

  6. Winkypop Silver badge

    Go the whole hog!

    Twitterers should get the hardware embedded directly into their brains so they can twit-away hands free by just thinking it....

    If the operation is a failure and brain damage ensures, no harm done, no one will notice the difference.


  7. Antony 2
    Paris Hilton

    Lacks features

    No camera for tweeting pics?

    No camera for tweeting videos?

    Most people who want one, already have a smartphone or some phone with data.

    I will stick to Úbertwitter for now.

    @ParisHilton, because well isn't it #obvious?

  8. HFoster

    I like Twitter

    I like Twitter, but that's a total waste of time/space/effort piece of shit gadget.

    There are many better, cheaper mobile apps out there.

  9. Ian Ferguson

    Missing a key feature!

    This is useless without an embedded speaker and text-to-speech, so it shouts out every tweet as it receives it.

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