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The PNY's new Attaché Original USB Flash drive arrived just too late for our recent Fast Flash Drive round-up, but we decided to try it out nonetheless. PNY Attache Original The Attaché Original: faster than PNY's previous top-speed stick Like previous Attachés, the new model uses a slide-and-swivel mechanism to withdraw …


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  1. Ian McNee

    Yet another 32GB USB flash memory stick...*zzzzz*

    Difficult to get excited about these things any more unless they mark a significant improvement over other things on the market. OK, this device is quite cheap and quite fast but not the sort of thing anyone is going to get excited about.

    Anyone supporting end lu$3rZ knows that the main problem presented by the EBKAC brigade is that they have physically damaged the device AND failed to make backup copies of any important data thereon. Common stories being: "I didn't have a spoon to stir my coffee so I thought this would do", "The step ladder was rocking so I put this under one of the legs to fix it so I could safely lick the live light fittings on the ceiling", etc..

    How about testing some of the ruggedised USB devices like the Corsair Survivor to destruction?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    32 Gb

    Not sure why you'd need a 32 Gb stick for sneakernetting. I guess the primary use of these things is hiding the porn stash from the missus.

  3. addictive

    I purchased a PNY 16GB for £16

    I purchased a PNY 16GB for £16 about a month ago and its been great for me. Fantastic price for such large capacity. It was from and i got the free shipping which made it even more of a bargain.

  4. Simon B

    Try staples

    and I don't mea them metal fastening things! I mean I got my 32G Flash drive for 33% less (£50)

  5. ian 22

    What is the religious angle (or angel)?

    Am I only the one who noted the christian "fish" on the exterior of the Original? A bit stylized, but is there some hidden meaning here? Seems fishy to me.

  6. Ricky H

    plastic? pluh-lease

    that looks as flimsy as the cheapest memory stick going. not even tough plastic the likes of kingston use. for a 1Gb flash memory stick one could understand, but 32Gb? that's supposed to be special. put metal case on it next time.

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