back to article AMD ATI Radeon HD 5770 and 5750 DirectX 11 GPUs

AMD's Radeon HD 5770 and 5750 are the mid-range members of the new HD 5000 DirectX 11 graphics chip family. They're fabbed using a 40nm process, just like their bigger brothers. AMD ATI Radeon HD 5770 Sapphire's HD 5770: reference Radeon HD 5770 design But the number of transistors in these mid-range chips - codenamed ' …


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  1. Dave 129

    Interesting review

    Anandtech came to a similar conclusion regarding price/performance of the 5770, but they seemed to quite like the 5750 because it ran so much cooler and performed much in line with the 4850 (conclusion:

    Guess it all depends on what you want out of it.

    Me, I only just got a 4890 a few months back, so no plans to change yet!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Will it work in Windows 7 Media Center watching HD content?

    There seems to be a fair few problems with ATI/AMD cards and Windows Media Centre 7 when viewing HD content in the UK, New Zealand and Germany.... It effect a lot of new(ish) ATI cards (nVidia are fine)

    See :


    So will this be up to the job?

  3. exit...quit...bye...quitbye.ctrl-C..ctrlX.ctrl-alt-X...aarrrr*slam*

    I still want a 5850...

    ...but I can´t get hold of one. Ah, I can wait some more weeks.

    Stop, ´cause of no GPU... yet.

  4. BigSpoon0
    Thumb Up

    Getting there...

    I'm really hoping they release some lower-lower end versions of these cards, specifically with a single slot cooler.

    I have a Shuttle HTPC that's crying out for one of these with it's onbaord sound card capable of Dolby TrueHD, etc...

  5. philbury

    ATI problems with HD TV

    As mentioned above I'm afflicted by the problem affecting current ATI cards for watching HDTV in the UK.

    ATI ar erefusing to comment or reply to mails on the subject. Abject customer response.

    Like many others I've been forced to buy an nvidia card. No problems now.

  6. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge


    Interesting to see 2x5770 easily outperforming 5850, and occasionally the 5870 as well, considering 2x5770 costs only 15% more than a 5850, and almost 30% less than a 5870. If you've got the room to spare...

    Roll on 5770 X2?

  7. exit...quit...bye...quitbye.ctrl-C..ctrlX.ctrl-alt-X...aarrrr*slam*

    5770 X2

    A 5770 Crossfire will also convert a lot more electricity into noise and is prone to the microstuttering effect. Both is rather undesirable. Additionally the 58XX have better overclocking capabilities.

  8. Peter Kay

    Not touching until they fix the driver issues

    Thanks for the links on driver issues above, it has been sadly informative. If you believe the ATI forums (obviously the number of unhappy users will be high, as happy users don't tend to post) the driver stability has some way to go, especially under Windows 7.

    Perhaps in a couple of months.

  9. Ricky H

    good review

    no clear card for "gamers on a modest budgets?" that'll be the recession and, correct, not wishing to give Nv a leg to stand on. in this downturn they need clear pricing and clear products. the low and medium products have to be significantly inferior feature wise to make the premium stand out.

    all they gotta do is sort their drivers out now! something ATI were berated for yonks ago! AMD do not want this label of "bad drivers"!!!

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    ATI cards "struggling" with HD channels in Windows 7

    Nice article by PC Pro

    Its good to get bad press...

    Ive also read that other 5xxx cards blue screen coming out of hibernation in Windows 7... ATI - Sort it out!

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