back to article Symbian aims to baffle embrace community

Symbian has marked its annual shindig by once more launching its application warehouse, and looking to the wisdom of the crowds to tell it what its future plans should be. Lee Williams, Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation, has been making waves recently asserting that Android is just a beginner and Apple is …


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  1. Jacqui Smith's DVD Collection!

    Numbers aren't everything

    There might be more Symbian devices out there but without apps they are useless, most of these Symbian phones are running the stock apps that shipped with the device.

  2. Andrew Baines Silver badge

    Without Nokia....

    Symbian only has numbers because of the high-end Nokia phones. I'd bet most of those just get used as phones with a bit of email.

    Last Symbian I had was too slow, the Exchange support poor. Now a happy Windows Mobile user (yes, I'm the one!).

  3. jayeola

    Has any one tried the Ovi store?

    Don't bother. Got an iPhone via work last week and it's just too easy to find and install apps. Ovi store doesn't come close. Plus, web browsing on my phone is just too sloooooooooow Zzzzz

  4. Anonymous Coward


    "I want my phone to have a personality & feel like a friend"

    Oh no - a Genuine People Personality possibility!

    I always said I'd quit IT when the doors started answering me back :-(

  5. spencer

    shame, really

    sybmian is fast and solid. More than a match for the other phone OS's out there. Though maybe not in the looks looks department.

    Incidently Google maps for symbian is far better than the equivalent for both the iphone and android.

  6. Grozbat
    Thumb Down

    My phone

    For the record, I have a Nokia Symbian phone, and have installed the following apps:

    Opera Mini - Great web browser

    Google sync - Invaluable calendar and contacts sync.

    Timer - The boffins at Nokia forgot to include a timer as standard. Doh!

    SymSMB - For moving files over Wifi. Nokia have now shot down this app, claiming intellectual property issues. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Nokia!

    Make of that what you will. There is certainly none of the flair of iPhone apps, despite Symbian's many more years in the market. If Symbian has a future, it is in a tier in between featurephones and iPhone/Andoid phones.

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