back to article MSI X-Slim X600 15.6in notebook

We're beginning to think there's some sort of competition between laptop manufacturers to come up with the most ridiculous marketing statements. In our recent review of the EasyNote Butterfly, we were left cringing at Packard Bell's explanation of exactly why it had chosen to use that name. MSI X600 MSI’s X-Slim X600: …


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  1. Toastan Buttar

    Up !

    "With the X600 weighing 2.1kg, MSI has either failed dismally in its quest or there are some gargantuan birds strutting around its offices."

    Kevin !

  2. windywoo
    Jobs Horns

    Its too darn expensive.

    What? Compared to the Macbook Air? Why do you always give Apple a break when it comes to pricing? This has greater performance in nearly every benchmark and costs half as much as a Macbook Air, yet you had your wet tongue in the earhole of Apple for the Air.

  3. david bates

    Warrantee Void...

    I've come across this on a desktop with 512Mb - that one shipped with Vista....

    If manufacturers don't want you to upgrade memory without voiding the warentee they should put this on the box....personally if I accidentally bought a machine with this 'feature' it would be winging its way back to PC World* as not fit for purpose. Its the same as Ford refusing to let me fit an air freshner...

    *not really

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