back to article Apple dangles tablet lure in Oz

Today's Apple-tablet rumeur du jour is that Cupertino is shopping its not-so-secret "print redefiner" to Australian media companies, trolling for content partners. According to a Tuesday report from The Sydney Morning Herald, Apple has sent specs of the device to Oz-based content creators, in the hopes of enticing them to …


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  1. Combat Wombat

    Bha hahahaha

    Welcome to soviet Australia.. where all information needs to be approved by the ministry of truth !

    On the plus side, our chocolate rations have been increased to 100g !

    All hail big government !

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Just tell us already!

    Oh for flips sake! Can someone just pin down Skeletor and just ask him outright, is this bloody thing going to be released or is it all a load of fanboi wet-dreamiing?! FFS!

    You can't help but get drawn in, like a sodding case of the flu, you try but you just can't get away from it!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Thank goodness!

    Now that the censors can filter electronic print in addition to everything else, we can go back to the pre-TV, movie, video game, and book days of the early 1300s, when crime was virtually unknown.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    It will only lock you into a 50 year contract and having already sold your soul for an iComa we will own everything you have.

    S Jobs


  5. Forename Surname
    Jobs Horns


    It's beginning to make more sense.

    Apple releases iTunes for News with paid for content - available on their new Newton, iPhone, OSX and Windows. Simultaneously loads of newspapers announce support and shutter significant parts of their free content online.

    The bet is people will pay via an iTunes like service for content, articles, reviews etc. probably at a few pence type level. Apple gets content for their platform, and of course it will work best on their new hardware. Eventually eBooks and lengthier text is pushed in the Apple direction as critical mass is achieved.

    Will it work? Can you roll back the internet to the AOL model, even if it does have a pretty apple face?

    I'd have bet that apple trying to redefine MP3s into a paid for format would fail, but...

  6. Scott Earle

    Newspapers are probably drooling at the prospect

    Perhaps this will breathe life back into the almost-dead newspapers?

    It's been well documented (especially of late) that newspapers are basically all going down the toilet - and fast.

    If Apple bring out an iTunes/podcast subscription-based (or micro-payment based) model to this tablet thingy, the newspaper companies will all be gagging to get their content onto it. Fair frothing, in fact.

    In fact - in order for them to stay alive, this could be their last chance.

  7. Monkey

    @ Scott Earle

    Totally, totally agree. I actually had a rep from the local paper door knocking last night offering me half price and delivery until the end of January. I simply don't have the space in my daily commute on the train to read a normal newspaper, let alone a broadsheet, and don't have the time when I'm home to read. I actually said last night if they produced an e-ink version I'd happily pay for it every day and read it.

    Your closing comment... I think you've hit the nail on the head.

  8. David Edwards


    Off topic slightly but,

    Newspapers whip up hysteria about child safety and peados

    Parents discourage children form having paper rounds

    News papers don't get delivered

    News Papers become less popular and dissapear

    Children once again play in the streets?

    No wait BBC RSS feeds take over the mantle.

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