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We've seen a fair few hard drives with built-in fingerprint readers, but here's one that uses RFID cards instead of digits. Freecom Secure Freecom's Hard Drive Secure: there's a RFID reader behind the drive's glossy front The notion is simple: if you want to access the data on the drive, you'll need to touch the unit with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Seriously smart bit of kit.

    Yes, real smart, to secure your data with a key in a fancy card and then send the key back to the device OVER THE AIR. Congratulations, absolute brilliance.

  2. Parax

    The Hard Drive Secure can remember only two cards at once

    Does that mean only supplied with two cards OR it's just crap?

    This would be useful if it could register the door fobs that every employee already has!

  3. Brian 6

    @AC 09:34 GMT

    U really haven't got a clue about RFID have u ???

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