back to article LG New Chocolate BL40 movie phone

LG's first Chocolate was promoted as a style phone but now, several incarnations in, its become more than just a sweet talker. The LG New Chocolate BL40 looks like nothing else (except perhaps a bar of Cadbury's Bourneville), with its 21:9 cinematic widescreen and elongated proportions. Yet, besides its unusual look, it also has …


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  1. GadgetGeek85
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    Wow what an amazing screen, you wonder if 4" will be the limit know, i hope so in a way because phones are meant to be pocket sized.

    But again i think LG have this style i really like and although it has a massive screen there are plenty of good features and i suppose it all comes in at a reasonable price.

    My only concern would be how thin it looks, i prefer a thick more sturdy looking phone.

    Anyway good job LG, all you need know is connection to the cloud to stream films or something.

    Oh and cheapest, proper online retailers seem to be and - (nicer Url compared to..)

    Play -

  2. Ramazan
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    not any close to OLED

    "For clarity and sharpness, it ranks along with those flashy new OLED screens we've been treated to recently"

    Indeed? I've heard a different story (via -- sorry, still no english version, Google Translate to the rescue maybe?):

    While BL40's screen is better than that of LG Arena, it's still very far from AMOLED display of e.g. Samsung HD i8910

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