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Don't worry about the much-reported Nokia N900 delay. The Linux-based smartphone will only hit the shops a week or so later than expected. Nokia N900 Nokia's N900: now set to arrive during November Nokia said back in August that the device would be available to buy in October. But Pete Schneider, Nokia’s Head of Maemo …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Hopefully this means they are actually going to finish the firmware before releasing it into a world of pain.

    Unlike the N97, which is still waiting for the V20 firmware (the firmware it should have been released with), which was last known to be arriving in October.

    I don't think anyone asked *which* October!

  2. Jason Hall

    bad nokia

    You would have to be pretty stupid to get a Noka first generation phone nowadays, since their quality control/bug fixing seems to be pretty non-existant.

    "Hey we have this new shiny doodad which is really cool - but the programmers tell us will take another 6 months to bug-fix - what shall we do? I know - release it now and make our customers wait a year until it becomes stable"

    F*ck 'em. No more nokias for me until that philosophy changes.

  3. Bad Beaver


    I would like to have this but there's no way I'm buying a N-Series device without proper post-released reviews.

  4. Christian Berger

    This is _not_ a mobile phone

    It's not something like the N97 or any other phone. This is a fully fledged computer in a portable case. Unlike the iPhone or Symbian or Windows Mobile devices, you have your normal familiar shell you know from your Linux desktop.

    Sure, some applications are a bit minimalistic and the keyboard is a bit small, but you have a root shell, you can use ssh easily and even have X11.

    The software Nokia provides is almoust irrelevant as you'll be mostly using 4rd party software anyhow.

  5. gerryg

    @Christian Berger

    "4rd"? Has FSF released a suitable licence for 4rd generation software?

  6. Tsvetomir Tsonev

    @ Jason Hall

    First generation? More like 4th generation, I'd say - after N770, N800 and N810. It's the first Maemo phone, that's true. But no reports as of yet of any phone-related issues on the device. Nokia gave 300 of those during the Maemo summit and any major problems would've surfaced by now.

  7. MacroRodent

    Expecting great things...

    "Nokia gave 300 of those during the Maemo summit and any major problems would've surfaced by now."

    Optimistically hoping the delay is only due to squashing minor bugs found by those 300 very knowledgeable beta testers...

    The N900 actually could be the first non-secondhand Nokia I will be buying, after shelling out for a 6110 in 2000. from the reviews, it sounds like the first Linux phone by any major company done right. I mean, what is Linux without easy access to the shell prompt?

  8. Peter D'Hoye
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    n900 is pretty good, actually

    I've been able to play (shortly) with an n900 last weekend at the Google SoC mentor summit. As an n810 owner not really being happy about the firmware and its support, I had told myself never to buy from Nokia again. But the n900 was a positive surprise, and they certainly learned a lot about the mistakes they made in the n8x0.

  9. Paul Hates Handles

    Orange... this'll be available on Orange sometime in 2011? Fucking useless bastards. Orange, that is.

  10. Tom Chiverton 1

    @Paul Hates Handles

    Orange keep ringing me to remind me I'm out of contract, and I keep telling them I'm leaving unless something is very wrong with the N900, which they seem unable to stock <shrug> Carefail - I can port my number, so why stay loyal ?

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Just spoken to someone at Nokia UK - They are expecting shipment on the 9th (Nov), soo...

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