back to article Netflix preps DVD-less movie streaming service

Netflix is to launch a streaming service that is not linked to its Lovefilm-style North American DVD-by-post package - and it could be coming to the UK first. Reed Hastings, Netflix's CEO, announced the upcoming service during last week's third-quarter earnings conference. He said that “for competitive reasons” he couldn’t …


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  1. swaygeo
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    I've been waiting for this service to become available in the UK. If there is some sort of sensibly priced unlimited option and a good sized library then I'll be signing up and selling my DVD collection...

    ...oh and can I have it all in HD please?

    ...and can they use some sort of magical CODEC / compression thingy that means it wont get to the crucial bit of the film and then kill my joy with buffering (like iPlayer)?

  2. madpoet

    Netflix Instant Downloads

    "Netflix currently offers movie downloads in the US, but only to punters who sign up to its all-you-can-eat DVD mail plan."

    That's not true, Netflix offers instant downloads to ANY subscriber, it doesn't matter which plan you're signed up for, if it is all you can eat or one at a time.

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Hooray PS3 streaming movies

    Hopefully it will bankrupt or at the very least really piss off those muppets at lovefilm :-)

    If they offer unlimited downloads for a good price I'd sign up too. Never watch adverts again. Oh and sky could kiss my hairy ass too. Hurry up Netflix. Yeah as swaygeo says. Need proper buffering from the off and pretty please HD.

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