back to article Facebook close to ending snooping case

Facebook is a step closer to ending the class action suit brought by users angry at being opted in to the creepy adware service Beacon. The system worked by watching what you bought on affiliated websites and then displaying this on your profile page for your friends and family to see. Not so good if you'd been busy buying …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Isn't that what the EFF is for?

    "Facebook has now agreed to pay $9.5m to set up a foundation to promote online privacy..."

    Do we need another foundation? Doesn't the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) already exist for this purpose?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    How does Facebook

    get a list of what you've bought from these "Beacon affiliated websites" (which are? come on tell us I'm not going to research it)

    Another of those "just give us your login details so we can spam your friends/spy on you" type scams I suppose?

    I don't see how one can be opted in to a service that would require Facebook to actually know some uniquely identifiable data about oneself, such as ones address.

    Oh yeah people are actually stupid enough to give FB their addresses, never mind.

  3. Stevie


    Free web sites selling information to third parties for money to pay for the "free" service they offer?

    Who could possibly have seen that one coming?

  4. leesalu


    A successful social network which is repeatedly unable to do what it wants with data due to the size and speed of the negative feedback generated via the same social network.

    How many billion does someone value Facebook again?

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