back to article New York Times Editor drops Apple tablet in talk

A senior New York Times editor has added to the hoopla surrounding the expected launch of an Apple tablet by identifying the not-seen-yet device as a key platform for the paper. Bill Keller is an executive editor at the NYT and gave a talk on Thursday last week to a meeting of all staff, at which the free-vs-paid-for newspaper …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Missing the real story

    Surely the real story here is that they mentioned WAP... I didn't realise that still even worked; I thought it was abandoned some time around 2002 in favour for mobile devices that render HTML.

    Oh, the memories of WAP porn!!!

  2. Cody

    Ah, the iTablet.... or the iSlate... or whatever

    "Apple has not said a tablet is coming. Various sources say one is. It is claimed it will be bigger than an iPhone but smaller than an MacBook, and will cost around $700."

    Every so often, it will determine that some of the news was not fit to print, and will help you not to yield to the temptation to read it by blocking it. You will only be able to buy papers from the app store using iTunes. Every now and again one of the papers will offend SJ, and be blocked for a couple of weeks until it sees reason and apologizes.

    This will be applauded by the Apple fans, after all, why should Apple support the anti-Apple press? When it is just picking on Apple all the time?

    It will have a camera in it, and if you do not wear a black turtleneck at least once every 50 occasions of use, it will emit a deafening scream until you go get one and put it on.

    You will only be able to get apps for it from the app store, and you will pay a percentage to Apple for having made sure that all your apps are clean and well intentioned, and cannot be used to access such wicked though unaccountably legal works such as the Kama Sutra.

    You will be obliged to kneel and bow your head in the direction of Cupertino wherever you are in the world at least once a day.

    It will look very expensive for what it is. It will have tiny amounts of memory, which if you add to it will take you well over 1,000. It will also require you subscribe to the worst possible mobile operator in your jurisdiction. Apple will do testing before picking one to make sure it really is the worst.

    All in all you may feel this is a very expensive computer.

    You will be quite wrong to think that. Its actually a cut price religion.

  3. GreyCells

    Not invented here?

    Is there really anything (important) that the Times Reader does with Adobe Air that could not be done with in a browser with a little creative use of html, javascript etc?

    Watch out for those open standards - you might catch something viral...

  4. sun_god

    And they shall call it...

    ... the Newton?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    NYT and Apple

    I occasionally read Ashlee Vances column on the NYT website, and it's amazing how "apple flavoured" the commenters are there. It's like some window into an alternative universe.

  6. jai
    Jobs Halo


    yes, and what's the down side?

    i'm already orgasmically excited by the thought of an iSlate - when it finally comes out my mind's gonna just explode in joy

  7. Goat Jam
    Big Brother

    Revisionist Journalism Opportunity

    "updated with news every five minutes"

    What? We printed no such thing. You must have imagined it.


  8. Anonymous Coward

    Oh, the memories of WAP porn!!!

    AC wrote: "Oh, the memories of WAP porn!!!"

    Busy "WAPping" one out in your room?

    Having a good "thrWAP"

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Your inexplicable hatred of Apple amuses (and confuses) me.


  10. ratfox
    Jobs Halo

    One thing Appl is good at...

    Is free advertising. They haven't uttered a single word about their thingummy yet, and the world is tethered to their lips.

    ...a friend of mine works in the e-book industry. They say that it is useless to choose formats or readers now, because whatever Apple has in store is going to blow everything else out of the water...

  11. Jason DePriest
    Big Brother

    At AC Re Cody

    Why does his hatred of Apple amuse and confuse you?

    I don't know. Perhaps it is because in your worldview there is no room for dissident opinion.

    I'd love to have a fancy Macbook, but I honestly can't afford one.

    The only reason my laptop cost over $1000 is because I paid a few hundred extra for an ATI Radeon video card with dedicated 512MB GDDR3 so I can game on it.

  12. Tony Paulazzo


    >It is claimed it will be bigger than an iPhone but smaller than an MacBook, and will cost around $700<

    So, about £700 then, sweet! /irony... not that I'm gonna get one (I have no iPhone, iPod, iMac, iTunes or quicktime), but it does mean that by this time next year, the tablet form factor should be a viable PC base - assuming they release early next year, at a much nicer price point and with upgradeable possibilities.

    All we have to wait for now is Adobe to use the Win7 pressure drivers (which according to their dev team might happen in CS5, maybe CS6), so no rush guys, as the specs for MS Touch have only been available to dev teams since before Vista was released.

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