back to article Apple confirms Windows 7 support for Mac OS X boot camp

Apple confirmed yesterday that it will support Windows 7 with "Boot Camp" in its Mac OS X Snow Leopard platform within the next few months, for those fanboys with a strange inclination to mix and match their operating systems. The Cupertino-based firm announced its plans on its website on Thursday, which was the same day …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    ...but will it be fully 64bit ready?

    Mine already runs on a Core 2 Duo macbook (2nd gen), but only on 32bit...apparently I need a "pro" version of the macbook for 64bit windows.

    And it runs well too...but why am I not allowed to run in 64bit, when the hardware is nearly identical to a "pro" model???? I'm running a full 64bit Snow Leopard just fine...why not windows?

  2. Josh Cain


    I've had the Windows 7 RC installed on my Macbook Pro for months, with no problems.

  3. Sarah Baucom
    Jobs Halo

    For months

    I've had Windows 7 on my Mac Pro for months. I didn't realize it wasn't supported. I guess they mean "supported" as in they will provide support for it rather than "supported" as in it will work.

  4. Steve John

    Double Standards

    Isn't this a case of double standards, what with not allowing OSX to run on non-Apple hardware?

    If Apple made cars, they would only allow you to drive them on roads built by Apple.

  5. Jon Grattage

    Already did this

    I'm already running windows 7 (RC) using boot camp on my snow leopard mac. What's the problem? Does the actual released version not work?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Non-Apple Branded Computers

    MS should add a clause to their EULA saying that Windows can only be run on non-Apple branded hardware.

  7. jeffrey 1


    I installed windows 7 on my 2006 macbook, it works like a charm? Where is the news here?

  8. magnetik
    Dead Vulture


    "for those fanboys with a strange inclination to mix and match their operating systems"

    Er, what, Mac users who feel inclined to play the occasional DX10 game? Gee, who'd have thought it ...

  9. John Roberts 1

    Why no 2006 Mac support

    Windows 7 RC works mostly fine on my Core Duo MacBook Pro using the Vista drivers in the current Boot Camp release. Why terminate support now?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Hurrah, something for the fashion victims who want a decent OS!

    It is fireworks night soon isn't it?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Seriously El Reg, these terms are getting a bit tired now.

    If it's an apple product they are fanboys, else any other product it's a user. Why??

    *nix users can be just as fanatical; or what about the Windows users that can't look past their Start button?

    I use whichever OS suits my needs at the time and don't find myself fanatical about any OS. Each one has good and bad points. The tabloid journalism style of El Reg seems hell bent on causing greater divides with OS's. I lose count of how many people have told me that they hate OS X, yet have never actually used it, or are too scared to try Ubuntu/Slackware etc.

    Kindly stop taunting the great unwashed, and let them experience and evaluate for themselves.

    AC ... well because I don't fancy being eaten by the Trolls.

    Back on Topic ... Never tried bootcamp, but it's nice that Apple is enabling people to run Win 7 (which IMHO is fantastic) on apple hardware. Nice for those who don't want to run a VM.

  12. Andy 70
    Thumb Up

    thinking of buying a mac mini

    just for the fact that it is a dinky little machine good enuff to run as a win7 media centre.

    no need for this boot campf malarky, just wipe and re-install.

  13. jonathanb Silver badge

    Worked fine for me

    I put my Technet copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on Snow Leopard bootcamp when it first came out. Worked without any problems.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Even some Intel Macs

    are already being left out in the cold, despite not being hugely different to what has been manufactured right up until the Core i5/i7 era.. Strange one this to be honest lol!

    Can anyone speculate as to why?

  15. Geeklawyer

    Well done Apple

    I went out all excited & got Windows 7 (got speeding ticket even): thought I was being dense because I was unable to get it installed via Boot Camp ("You need to update your computer's Boot ROM"). Apple tech support were equally puzzled. Now I know why.

    Duh Apple. Did you only just hear about Windows 7 & think people might want to install it?

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Win7 on bootcamp

    My Mac Pro runs Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit perfectly well in bootcamp already, just need to work out why I would ever need to now!

  17. Sid_the_Kid

    Not sure that this is news...

    ...since I've been running Win7 RC in bootcamp for quite some time. Runs very well, actually.

    Just waiting for the folks at Apple to fix the dodgy audio driver for the CIrrus audio chipset in some of the more recent machines. Some bright spark apparently put a -15dB pad onto the speaker out which really ought to have been on the headphone out. You could drive PA speakers from the headphone socket but barely hear the internal speakers. Happily somebody has created a modded version you can download but I'd prefer a pukka driver...

    Waiting eagerly for my RTM Win7 to arrive! :-)

  18. Jonathan 10
    Jobs Halo


    Oh I thought it already did?

    My 06 MacBook Pro (using SL) already runs Windows 7 in BootCamp mode fine?

  19. Gordon Ross Silver badge

    Pedant Alert

    "Dual install coming before decade is out"

    You do know that, technically, the decade ends 31st December 2010.

    Arthur C Clarke knew this.

  20. Monty Cantsin
    Thumb Down

    Oh noes, not the "fanboys" again...

    "for those fanboys with a strange inclination to mix and match their operating systems."

    So every Mac user is now a fanboy, eh? Even those who use a rival operating system on their machines?

    And if needing or wanting to use two different operating systems at various times is counted as "strange", I can only assume that you're completely bewildered by people who change their clothes and have to think for a second before ordering lunch.

  21. Reverend Brown
    Jobs Horns


    "Apple added that some early Intel-based Macs, including iMacs and MacBook Pros, manufactured in 2006 wouldn't support Windows 7 running in boot camp mode."

    Nice to see the Apple strategery to keep people buying new Macs covers the Microsoft angle, too.

  22. Thomas Bottrill

    RE: Not sure that this is news

    "Happily somebody has created a modded version you can download but I'd prefer a pukka driver..."

    All it requires is an alteration of one of the config files in the driver setup folder. Though it would be nice if the optical light wasn't also constantly on, and it would be VERY nice if Windows 7 power management worked properly (particularly the screen dimming).

    Still, Apple have never been particularly renowned for their Windows software.

  23. beast666

    Not running on Apple HW

    hah hah hah... you've not tried hard enough!

  24. Dana W

    It already works

    I was playing with "Vista" 7 in beta on my Macbook Pro, and it runs in bootcamp fine, well it runs like Windows anyway. But no driver issues. So I don't see what the "wait" is for.

    Seems the Vista drivers all seem to work fine for 7. I can't imagine why................

  25. magnetik

    @Steve John

    Apple is primarily a hardware company. Microsoft is primarily a software company. Repeat that to yourself until you understand why Apple doesn't want OS X to run on non-Apple hardware.

  26. Anonymous Coward


    It worked perfect when I installed the beta several months back, even the supplied drivers from the OSX install DVD worked fine!

    Why so long to offiicially support it? Not as if Apple have million different hardware combos to check is it?!?

  27. Anonymous Coward


    A true MS fan would be happy at the prospect of additional WIndows 7 Licenses and Media being sold to run on MACS

  28. Get the puck outa here

    Oooh, a pissing contest!

    I have Snow Leopard, Windows 7 Beta and Ubuntu all living happily in triple boot heaven on a 2007 vintage MacBook.

    So far I'd say it's 99%, 0.005%, and 0.995% in terms of usage.

  29. shaunm

    or the flip side..

    Snow leopard already runs quite nicely on dual boot pc....

  30. Adam 38

    Works Already

    Installed Windows 7 RTM (from MSDNAA) on my Macbook Pro about 2 months ago. All the boot camp drivers work flawlessly already (e.g. multitouch drivers).

  31. asdf
    Thumb Up

    bah give me plan 9 or nothing

    Cheap easy to use VM technology is the greatest thing that ever happened to us geek collectors of dead language operating systems (lot less partitions needed on our hard drives now). Wish me luck, off to see if I can remember how to use JCL on a OS/360 emulator.

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