back to article TalkTalk-Tiscali merger proves fraught

Tiscali staff have turned to their lawyers after managers from TalkTalk arrived wielding the axe. Tiscali became part of the Carphone Warehouse group back in May, but the expected cuts only began this month. With very little warning, a human resources team put most if not all of Tiscali's technical managers at risk of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    "we followed our legal obligations"

    That's a charmlessly cold way of talking about people losing their jobs.

  2. Matt 116

    Karma anyone?

    Tiscali don't mind treating their customers like that, but when its done back to them its bad?

    One word for those poor managers: "Karma"

  3. ElFatbob


    Seems like Tiscali staff are being treated the similarly to the way those same staff treated customers.

    Bet they wished they'd delivered a better service in the first place...

  4. Neal 5

    Not a surprise.

    Anyone not forsee this happening?

    And, how the f+++ did the Tiscali staff get to talk to junior managment, if you try ringing the TalkTalk customer service department, firstly you're lucky if you can speak to someone who actually speaks English,and that's if they understand it to start with, and secondly, I would love to be able to talk with one of TalkTalk managers, even a junior one, if they even exist, which I'm not sure they do.

    As for TalkTalk technical managers, we've seen a few of their replies in some of the comments in the reports they answer to. Personally, I believe manager would be the wrong word, possibly, coper would be better, and that's if they've got their carer with them.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Welcome To TalkTalk...

    ... I for one welcome your new bean-counting sales-obsessed overlords.

    Having worked for TalkTalk for more years than can possibly have left me sane, I can attest that this is indeed normal working company policy.

    They take mushroom management to the extremes, and use divide and conquer tactics against most of their staff, but no company I have ever worked for seems to have less regard for its technical staff.

    After all, if you're not directly selling to a customer, what use are you?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    They have technical managers?

    As a Tiscali TV customer (previously a HomeChoice customer until Tiscali bought them), I find it hard to believe that Tiscali had 26 technical managers, since it was always impossible to get to talk to a manager when dealing with their technical people, who were generally hopeless and usually resorted to lying rather than actually solving any problems.

    Fail - just like Tiscali's technical staff.

  7. Michael Jennings

    Nasty, but not really a surprise.

    Yes, well, if you get taken over by a company with a certain reputation for ruthlessness and which is intending a stockmarket float in six months, this shouldn't really come as a surprise. That doesn't make it any less unpleasant if it happens to you, of course.

    As to whether it is a smart move from management, I am personally a Tiscali customer. I have found their service to be pretty much fine, and I like the fact that when they say "unlimited" they seem to mean it. (They claim to throttle the peak hours speed of heavy users, but that's okay. I restrict my heavy use to other times). I am well out of contract. If the quality of service drops or if Talktalk try to impose a download cap like they have for their own customers, I am gone in a flash. If this does happen, it will be a clear indication that this was not a smart move from management.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    its what you call karma...

    Tiscali did exactly the same thing to staff at the various companies they took over, now they know how it feels...

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Ex-Tiscali and glad

    Having worked at Tiscali, although not for a while now ( the twitch in my left eye from just thinking about the place has finally faded ), a lot of the Milton Keynes & London tech staffers are good guys who work hard, care about what they do and the service customers get. Recruitment consultants and rivals with half a brain should be all over them.

    The Tiscali board and upper management of the company deserve your anger however. Every day was like an episode of the Rise and Fall of Reggie Perrin, with some fresh hell to deal with.

    Heres hoping the CEO and her little pals go to the chopping block as well, however unfortunately these are usually the people who disappear back under the floorboards with big cheques only to pop up twice as useless and bold as brass, to do the same to some other bunch of unfortunates.

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    I use to work for Pipex a while back which was taken over by Tiscali... When then went and got rid of all the Pipex staff... So all I can say is HaHa what comes around goes around... BUT you have to feels sorry for the average Joe.

  11. Adam 52 Silver badge

    @Michael Jennings

    Good luck if you do decide to leave. Then you'll find out why everyone hates Tiscali so much - it's six months since I left and despite three complaints to the ISPA and a win at arbitration they're still sending round the bully-boy debt collectors.

  12. Zip
  13. Zip


    Reporting into 'junior' management? Hmmm, that's a relative concept. The junior managers you will be reporting in to are managing a company which is very successful unlike Tiscali. Discuss.........

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Of course...

    ...when they say 'manager' they actually mean a 3rd/4th line technical specialist (promoted to management grade because they have nowhere else to go) with years of specialised experience that goes back to the founding of Tiscali, not some generic paper-pushing clerical manager-type.

    Tiscali's been top-heavy with those guys for years now, and they've kept their places due to their obscure knowledge of the in's and out's of the Tiscali network, but now since the merger we'll be migrating onto Talk-Talk's network, not keeping our own, and therefore all of a sudden their formerly cosy positions are 'at risk'.

    No real surprise, and it won't affect any of the guys on the ground except perhaps our NOC teams since Talk-Talk already have a working NOC.

    Anon because I work there. Obviously.

  15. alex_c

    Well, I never saw THIS coming... ha!!

    Been there... Suffered about 18 months of redundancy from Pipex/Tiscali fuster-cluck (do your own syllable-swap there).

    There's a lot of people there who will have been doing their best for myriad of punters for years (after various acquisitions) and they'll be alright for a while but for the upper-levels of management, who 're-aligned' the workforce out to India/Manilla and who are now having the speak to HR drones like everyone else did, no sympathy...

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Everyone knew it was coming.

    If I worked at Tiscali I would have jumped ship or started looking for another job ages ago. The company has been failing for ages and if a company fails the managers deserve to lose their jobs.

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