back to article Citrix backtracks on XenDesktop 4 pricing

If you are trying to keep track of the different desktop and application virtualization options in the catalog of Xen-branded products offered by Citrix Systems, and figure out prices, the job just got a little tougher. In response to customer ire regarding its decision to use named user rather than concurrent user pricing, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Citrix Pricing

    Citrix's pricing strategy seems to be, "Let's throw something a the customers and see what they think, " followed by rinse and repeat.

    It is my belief that Citrix will never make up the $500 million that they spent on Xen, even after renaming every product they make with the moniker. VMWare has the data center locked up and the best that Citrix can do is to tread water in the desktop virtualization space until their customers grow weary of the new-price-of-the-week they keep getting hit with.

  2. Busted

    The Citrix Problem

    There is no consistence with Citrix I use Xen server and it's a very good product in my experience however as an ex reseller I got the destinct impression they don't know how or who to sell there product or what sort of a business it thinks it is.

    If Citrix really wants to make some money it needs to

    1. Decide what type of business model to follow.

    2. Simplify the product range e.g. Xen SMB Edition, Xen Server and Xen Desktop Corporate finished!

    3. Set realistic pricing and stick to it also open up who can sell it as a lot of us have Xen experience but don't have to time to jump through your stupid hoops.

    Businesses like to plan and resellers like it simple so sort it out or lose!

This topic is closed for new posts.