back to article First telcos commit to Windows 7 netbooks

Six US and European telcos have become the first carriers to announce they're selling netbooks running Microsoft's Windows 7, launched today. On Thursday, the number one and two mobile companies in the US as well as T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone and Telia Sonera in Europe committed to offering netbooks with Windows 7 this month and …


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  1. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge

    In the UK, T-Mobile will sell a Dell Mini 10v...

    ...well I guess you would have to use a cellco to sell them. What with the Dell experience (verified by the man himself) being that you'll hate your Dell netbook within 36 hours. If it weren't for a locked-in contract, they'd obviously all be returned the next day!

    Mine's the one with the eeePC t-91 in it.

  2. tuna 1

    Do The Math

    What you get:

    a single 1.6 GHZ Atom w/ 2Gb RAM(DDR?DDR2?), 160GB HD and no optical drive + 120 GB data(up&down) spread over 2 years.

    What you pay:

    250+20tax+(70* X 24)=$1950. *59 plan ends up being 70*. Plus $.05/MB overage charges when you exceed the 5 GB cap per month(That's $51/GB).

    Wow, what a deal!

    Seidenberg wasn't kidding when he said NN "would ruin the Internet's potential for economic growth". There's so much more potential to gouge the consumers if NN is thrown under the bus.

    Mine's the one w/ the Alltel unlimited USB receiver in the pocket... until VZW turns it off.

  3. Tempest 3K


    In the UK, T-Mobile will sell a Dell Mini 10v and Verizon a Samsung N140 and Toshiba NB 200 running Windows 7 through mobile retailer Carphone Warehouse.

    Since when did Verizon sell in the UK? o.O

  4. james 68

    verizon (uk)

    theyve (verizon) been providing business solutions here in the UK for some time, residential and wireless were only a matter of time

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