back to article A fifth of Americans use Twitter, or something

The Pew Internet and American Life Project handed Twitter either a massive PR coup or a trademark problem yesterday, by declaring 20 per cent of Americans were using the service - or something similar. In a chart headed "Who Tweets", the researchers said that 19 per cent of US adults were Twittering - or using a similar status …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Or to look at it another way..

    ...80% do not.

    So why does the media behave as though using Twitter is the norm, when actually it's only a minority of people who use it?

  2. Paul Charters

    I still don't get it...

    I mean...why would anyone be so desperate to adore someone that they would follow whatever cr*p they post up?

    And why would anyone be so desperate for attention that they would post up every little thing they do or thought they have?

    I still just don't understand Twitter - what is the actual, beneficial, use of it? All I've seen is opportunities for pointless rubbish (hey, I'm on the bog!) and bullsh*t scamming and lies (balloon boy).

    I've even seen parties where people all go to a great big venue and all stand there staring down at their phones tapping away....they were all surrounded by people! Why wasn't anyone talking? One guy and girl were so chuffed that they were talking to each other from 10ft away! It's pathetic!

  3. Chris 211

    a minority of people who use it?

    Like the internet, a minority of people on this planet use the internet...

    Its a tool, that's all, a crap lightweight spanner that's good for nothing but light work for children.

    Having said that I use facebook but I post my caving trips up and a fair number of my facebook buddies are cavers or interested friends/family so it becomes a nice convenient way of sharing my little trips and if people are not interested then they can ignore of even block the content. My guess is this is what the creators thought might happen, not idiot teenagers going "BLAGGG I got hammered last night LOL it was well sick innit"

    Children should be supervised while on the net till they reach 20! To stop them posting such crap.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "other status updating services"

    Could it be RSS? Windows Update?

  5. Jason Paul Kazarian

    Somewhat Useful

    I use Twitter because it is the second or third entry when someone googles my name. Unlike FaceBook, no one has to log in to get a link to my web site. I use it every once in a while. It's fine for the purpose of sanely promoting one's self or business.

    It's useful for organizations such as art galleries that have to make small announcements to a large population: opening night for artist x is at 6:30 pm this evening, that sort of thing.

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