back to article PC World punts Windows 7 £100 trade-in promotion

DSGi is betting big on Windows 7 sales with a special promotion clearly designed to convince more customers to visit the firm’s not exactly bustling PC World stores. From tomorrow PC World will be offering up to £100 off to anyone who trades in an old, working laptop for a Windows 7 machine. The High Street retailer’s …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Looking for new customers

    If the laptop needs to be working then they must be appealing to new customers.

    (rather then people who have previously bought from PC World and not own a working laptop.)

  2. Jeff Deacon

    PC World need something going their way!

    Popped into my local branch the other day to shelter from the rain. What I saw was significantly reduced amount of shelving, and large areas of bare floor. Plentiful bargain offers, in some cases only a little more expensive than reputable traders on the interwebs. I asked the cashier when the store was due to close. She couldn't tell me, having just started that morning!

  3. Julian 1
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    £100 Trade-in?

    As of 21.00 hrs tonight, Wednesday 21st., PCWorld had only one computer listed on the Internet with Windows 7 installed, a Sony netbook at £399 with Windows 7 Starter Edition.

    Does that qualify?

  4. Sly

    I have a few old laptops...

    1 compaq 3/25 (386 25MHz)

    2 Dell LM166 (Pentium 166 MMX)

    1 IBM Thinkpad 760XD (P166 MMX too IIRC)

    I don't think these are the ones they're hoping to get, but I have them and they all work great. (running anything from DOS to Win 98)

    I'm thinking I might get a quarter of the discount with all three (free recycling of the 2 Dells and the Compaq and the discount for the Thinkpad would be my guess since the battery actually still works in that one). Of course I'd have to jump across the pond to take them up on the deal and I don't think I'll do that.

    Mines the one with the old school 80's Atari logo on the back

  5. jackharrer


    Everybody's to ebay now to order cheapest working laptop! Question how old that laptop can be? Will Osbourne be ok? Or some ancient 286?

  6. Piro Silver badge


    There must be some serious small print attached to this, otherwise, I'll be off with my old Celeron 300 laptop with Win2K and get myself a netbook for peanuts

  7. Francis Fish

    But the upgrade's less than £70 anyway

    So if your machine fits your needs and you want to move from Vista or XP - why would you bother?

  8. Ian Brown

    Up to

    Up to £100 off... is that like an "up to 20 megabits" connection

    Perhaps PC World give you the proceeds of flogging the laptops on ebay.

    I'd still like an ODFO logo.

  9. Quirkafleeg

    Not worth it

    I have a perfectly good laptop, and it's (probably) worth more than £100; anyway, if I did choose to take up this offer, the new one would have a Debian installation and no Windows on it in short order as a matter of personal preference…

  10. Barrycudasuck

    And we need it because.....

    I was away from school the day they did economics but let me get this straight; Microsoft has release a new operating system, much like it's other operating systems that pretty much does what it's other operating systems do? And people are **actually** going out and buying it? One born every minute.....

  11. Anonymous Coward
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    Old floppy discs too?

    Can I get 50p off per used floppy disc as well?

    I've got a few lying around...

  12. Nigel Barrett

    You won't get £100 for junk

    Just read their promotion and it talks about them valuing your old laptop and then giving you "up to" £100. So I guess my Toshiba 166MHz laptop will get me about 10p.

  13. Chimpofdoom!

    Bit of a swizz

    Just checked the website...

    "Up to £100 off, one transaction per customer. The valuation will depend on the laptops age specification and condition..."

    Personally.. Cancom (Apple reseller) seem to be doing a "Trade in your machine and you'll get £100 off certain machines" (not limited to trading in laptops only..) OSX anyone?!?

    P.S. I'm not an apple fanboi or Windows Fanboi.. my Linux machine does me just fine :-)

  14. Grumpytom

    How do I get there

    Must rush down there and trade!

    Mines the one with the MacBookPro with a 7 quid copy of 10.6 in the pocket.

  15. LuMan

    Are you sure that's PC World..?

    Looking at the pics, the POS is spelt correctly, there appears to be up to date stock and the staff aren't dribbling like gormless fools.

    Is this a Photoshop mock-up??

  16. Anonymous Coward


    And the point of your post is?

    I'm not selling my laptop, it's worth more than a £100 and I'd have Linux installed, so this offer is not for me.


    You can get £2000 of a new Nissan when you trade in your old car. My car is not old enough, worth more than £2000 and I don't want a Nissan.

    Just about as useless a post.

    And people why Linuxtards get a bad name....

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Dixons group = fail

    And this has nothing to do with me working for a competitor.

    they have lousy customer services and their technical support is uber fail.

  18. deshepherd

    @PC World need something going their way!

    My local PCWorld seemed very full when I went there a week or so ago ... though that's mainly because as the other DSGi brand "Currys" is upgrading its store on the other side of the car park then a significant portion of PCWorld is currently full of fridges and washing machines!

  19. Dan 7

    UP TO £100

    I went in and bought a new laptop 3 weeks ago. I asked about the trade in and they told me its UP TO £100 off depending on the laptop, and its current state. So don't expect to get £100 off.

  20. deshepherd

    "upto" £100

    Here are the details


    The deal, announced at an embargoed briefing in London, was also published on DSGi's site. DSGi is offering users up to £100 if they bring an old laptop to the shop, although the actual figure will depend on the quality and viability of the laptop.

    Laptops will have to be capable of being switched on, although they don't necessarily have to be fully operational said Jeremy Fennell, Category Director for PC World. They'll also be graded for physical quality to create a second-hand value, of up to £100.


    ... so that old laptop that you stopped using 5 years ago isn't going to get £100

  21. Anthony

    To save you going to the PC World site...

    The conditions are "The store will value your laptop according to its age, condition and specification." and it also says "please speak to member of our staff for more details."

    i.e. 1 laptop is not £100 and they aren't giving you any idea before you get there!

  22. Piro Silver badge
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    "Up to 100 quid" now noted

    Well, that's worthless then, they'll probably heavily undervalue any machine put under their nose. No longer interested.

  23. Juillen 1

    I wonder..

    I've got an old (1999) laptop I still use for mail and web (Ubuntu), and it works fine, just a little slow.. I was wondering if I could use that to trade up to a newer laptop with the £100 off, then not accept the EULA, obtaining a refund for the Win 7 that I don't want on it anyway, getting another £50 off.. Not a bad discount really..

  24. Christopher Rogers
    Gates Horns

    They need something...

    With online retailers pummelling them that way and Best Buy hitting these shores next year, the clock is bound to be ticking on PC World. They should have scaled back their bricks and mortar operation and improved their online operation ages ago. Instead they are on the downward spiral.

    Ironically, it was Windows Vista that gave them a kicking in '06.....

  25. Danny 14 Silver badge

    just a con

    The amount is UP TO £100 depending on age, specification and condition of the laptop. So I think my old P333 firewall router downloader laptop running debian quite happily will only be worth a few pounds.

  26. Matt Bridge-Wilkinson

    Upgrade for £70!?!? Where?

    @Francis Fish Where are you getting the upgrade for £70, keen to know. It looks like £150 +everywhere I've looked.

  27. Ghosty

    Not all that great really

    The deal is 'up to £100' for a laptop so I thought I'd test it out. I had no intention og getting rid of my main laptop but I figured I'd get it valued.

    My Toshiba P3 something laptop with 256 MB Ram was valued at £25 OK Not bad.

    My current selling Lenovo Thinkpad with Dual core processor, 2GB ram and all the usual extras that cost me over £2k 6 months ago was valued at £75..

    I have no idea what you need to get the £100 off.

  28. \\\


    Save even more money by declining the windows 7 EULA and get a refund on the OS portion of the cost?

  29. Steve Oliver 1

    "Up to" is right

    I sold a Dell Latitude C610 (~1GHz, 256MB RAM, 10GB HDD, Windows XP, perfect working order if a little slow) to a guy for £20 who was intending to trade it in for £100 off a new machine. He'd heard about this offer in store, but the "up to" bit wasn't made clear to him. In the end, they offered him £10 for the Dell. Ouch.

    So yes, don't get your hopes up.

  30. A. Lewis


    I wonder how much they'd give me for me ol' EEE 701. I'd like to think it's worth £100.

  31. Bill Norrie
    Thumb Down

    No Chance!

    Wouldn't buy anything from that mob - good to see they are struggling.........

  32. Anonymous Coward

    @AC Posted Thursday 22nd October 2009 08:39 GMT

    "And the point of your post is?"

    I don't think you've grasped the point of these comment pages ...

  33. Ben Rosenthal


    undervalue your trade in, and over price the crap they want to sell you. Sounds grrrrrreat!

    but I'll pass anyway.

  34. chr0m4t1c
    IT Angle

    @Matt Bridge-Wilkinson

    Where are you looking? Ebuyer and Amazon (just to pick the first two I looked at) will sell you the full version of Home Premium for ~£85 and the upgrade version for ~£65.

    I think the official MS prices are £150 and £80 (give or take some pennies), I expect that it's only them and PC World that are sticking to those prices.

    In fact, I just popped along to the PC World website and they're offering the upgrade for £60 and the full for £100.

    Is this a version confusion problem?

  35. M7S

    Just got a valuation over the phone - service as rubbish as I expected.

    Vale Voyager, 486 100MHz, 640k Ram. It does start up. C>_

    Wouldn't touch it, they said they gave no value to anything earlier than Pentium 2, and they insisted on knowing which version of Windows was installed (our 3.1 was removed a while ago).

    Chiswell St branch in the City of London. Not very helpful otherwise so a potential sale lost.

    Also they will not apply any part ex to netbooks, even if upgraded to Win7.

    Another SME IT manager they've told to p*** off then.

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