back to article Republican men hormonally emasculated by US election

American neuroscientists say that men who voted for Republican candidate John McCain in the recent presidential elections suffered a serious loss of testosterone as a result of the Obama victory. The hormone, produced by one's wedding-tackle, is considered essential for basic manliness. Graph showing the chemical castration of …


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  1. Mathew White

    Simular to..

    I believe the same graph can been seen when you study 2 groups of opposing football supporters.

    Whats equally as interesting is that a group of people watching in the pub show changes in their testosterone levels in correlation with their team's players. (offset by the fact that after more than 4 pints you have more oestrogen in your body than a woman).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seems like...

    ...just about anything will get published in a scientific journal these days.

  3. seanj

    This proves it conclusively...

    Republicans, especially the Christian fundamentalist nutbars who claim to be guided by religion and morality, are actually guided by their dicks....

  4. Muscleguy Silver badge


    The error bars (those fuzzy bits) are much bigger for the right wing losers than the democrats. So not only does losing drop your testosterone but it sends it on a roller coaster ride if you could follow any individual on a realtime basis. Either that or a load of them were in deep, deep denial or getting pumped imagining how they were going to blow Obama away (we know lots of them engaged in those two activities).

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OMG the terrorists are coming!

    So the initial value for both is identical at 80pg/ml? Has this been adjusted to cater for republicans being a big bunch of scared girls?

  6. john chludzinski

    Obamatons are buffoons!

    As one of the afore mentioned "rightwingers" I would say that anytime a member of the effete elite (some one never ran so much as a lemon aid stand, never commanded so much as a cub scout troupe) becomes commander-and-chief and tries to take over 1/6 of our economy, we're all reduced.

  7. Stevie Silver badge


    You can confirm the analysis easily these days since right wing conservative mouth-foam is in no short supply.

  8. Muscleguy Silver badge

    @AC 14:44 GMT

    Nah, they were just in denial. The fact that the median level drops over time simply means a good chunk of them came out of that when presented with the facts. Something that perhaps should be a small cause for hope?

  9. John 104

    Just goes to prove...

    "LaBar and his colleagues report that testosterone levels among women and Democrats in the trial were unaffected."

    This just proves that the liberal Democrats are a bunch of hand wringing effeminized males. Not Men. But that should come to no suprise to anyone here in the states as that movement has been underway for a good 40 years now...

    Heart, because we should all just learn to love eachother and be happy no matter what.

  10. Hollerith 1

    @john chludzinski

    Obama hasn't run anything? Oh yes, that 'community leader' stuff. Just as Martin Luther King Jr was 'just' a community leader. Or running an office as a senator? Would you say first term republican senators also haven't run anything?

    I am not a worshipful Obama fan, but so far the guy is doing what most leading economists advise. And most of us here out in civilisation think proper health coverage is an indicator of a mature and neighbourly society (the old pioneer virture where a sick or dying neighbour isn't left to die). So far, under Obama, the USA doesn't look like a disaster area, but one gamely trying to get itself out of its own mess.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    I would have expected the beginning of the graph to be higher

    Quite a lot of rednecks are suffering from clear-cut cases of testosteron poisoning. So it is quite surprising that their initial levels were so low. Premonition of defeat maybe?

  12. Anonymous Coward

    @ john chludzinski

    Are you one of those people who cried and said "god has a plan" when obama won ?

    Bet you are

  13. Anonymous Coward

    @john chludzinski

    cub scout troupe? I guess there's no business like show business

    what kind of cub scouts you got over there, boy?

    and what in the name of all that's holy is "lemon aid", goddamnit?

    sounds like it was all very 'effete' before that there Obama got in!

  14. seanj

    @john chludzinski

    Being the die-hard, true American patriot that you so clearly are, perhaps then it isn't too much for a mere Brit like me to expect you to know that it's Commander-IN-chief, not Commander-AND-Chief?

  15. john chludzinski

    Stuck-on-stupid !

    Being from the "Deep South", we adhere to a few common sense rules: Don't hire a mechanic to operate on your heart and don't hire a "community organizer" to run a war. And don't ask some one who's never create a single job to take over 1/6 of your economy.

    Doing so will get you stuck-on-stupid! Which is of course where we are.

  16. john chludzinski

    There's a joke over here ...

    ... that goes: A country boy shows up at Harvard for his first day and asks an upperclassman: Where's the admin building at? The upperclassman looks down his nose and replies: Pumpkin, don't you know not to end a sentence with a preposition? Whereupon the "pumpkin" replies: Excuse me sir, where's the admin building at - jackass?

    You're are indeed correct, it is Commander-IN-chief and not Commander-AND-Chief - jackass!

  17. Richard 102

    Let's be fair ...

    ... most Obama supporters have pretty low levels to begin with. Though not the women so much.

  18. Anonymous Coward


    "Either that or a load of them were in deep, deep denial"

    They mostly still are, as can be seen by some of the posts above, or the people around these parts who still have their "McCain-Palin" bumper stickers on (now that's what I call stuck-on-stupid, in several senses of the phrase).

    Bunch of whiny cry-baby tantrum-throwing children the lot of 'em. Y'all all LOST, which is just how it goes sometimes in a democracy. Get over it, girls.

  19. J 3
    Paris Hilton

    @John 104

    Nah, it just goes to prove you can't read.

    I do agree Democrats are hopeless pansies though. They should have long ago steamrolled the cretins that the Republicans are. Imagine what the Repubes would be doing if they had the presidency, majority in the House and "super" majority in the Senate. They'd be doing whatever they want (usually horrible things), which is what they have done in the past. In the meantime, the idiotic Democrats keep fighting each other, being bribed by the corporations, and speaking of "bipartisanship". Stupid idiots.

    @ john chludzinski

    Ah, clearly much better to hire a war dodger to run a war, then. Hell, the idiot dodged even the cushy National Guard service arranged by daddy.

    Another common sense rule that we get from what usually happens in Republican circles is that: the more macho posing, anti-gay, Christian "moral family values" toting a certain guy is, the more likely he is to be a wife-cheating, drug addled, closet homosexual hypocrite. A few names from recent scandals come to mind. Just saying, so you think twice before protesting too much...

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    @Anonymous Coward

    "Bunch of whiny cry-baby tantrum-throwing children the lot of 'em. Y'all all LOST, which is just how it goes sometimes in a democracy. Get over it, girls."

    Where were you in 2000 and 2004? Oh yeah, whining and b!tching about "stolen elections" and "Bush Lied" etc etc.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    @ john chludzinsk

    Rather a member of the liberal elite than an illiberal fuckmunch.

    It's not rocket science, is it?

  22. Rob Isrob


    "LaBar and his colleagues report that testosterone levels among women and Democrats in the trial were unaffected"

    Shouldn't that be "immeasurable" or perhaps "tiny like their kit"?

  23. c3

    @john chludzinski

    "...we're all reduced"

    is this how you tried to explain it to your wife ?

    she didn't buy it either, did she ?

    "Being from the "Deep South""

    say no more.

    you were emasculated .... i mean "reduced", sorry for the big word there, when that "boy" got to the white house.

    i'm sure you will go back to normal when the south raises again.

  24. seanj

    Re: There's a joke over here ...

    I'm sure that gets many a guffaw at the "Deep South" Hillbilly barn dance, but it will barely raise an eyebrow over here...

    Plus, it seems to me that the "joke" not only advocates ignorance, but actively encourages the "pumpkins" to mock those who attempt to educate and correct them.

    I'm certain it's advice your beloved former president took to heart at an early age.... in fact, didn't he go to Harvard, too? Is this less of a joke and more of an actual event that happened to good ol' Gee Dubya?

  25. R J Tysoe

    @ Richard 102

    Of course, actually reading the graph and understanding it would prove you incorrect.

    Mine's the white coat, like the ones that Richard's carers are wearing.

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