back to article Microsoft inks Bing pacts with Twitter, Facebook

Microsoft is adding "real-time" search results from Facebook and Twitter to its Bing decision engine search engine, after inking deals with both social networking outfits. Redmond senior vice president for online audience business Yusuf Mehdi announced the deals today at a mini-conference in San Francisco, The Wall Street …


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  1. Michael Sheils

    Google have done the same thing

    at the same time.

  2. Combat Wombat

    Bing.. the sound of...


    Who the hell cares about twits and facebook tards?

    I want a search engine to produce USEFUL results, not a bunch of tweets from twats.

    Given that MS owns a large chunk of facebook, this is hardly a suprise.

    Google still gets my queries

  3. Mathew White
    Gates Halo

    Oy Vey

    Yet another reason not to have a facebook account.

    Im still bemused by M$'s attitude to Bing. But then again - they do lover their bloated, disorganised and overhyped software thats based on another company's engineering.

    I gave him a halo, just to be ironic.

  4. Nate Phillips

    ..the rest of the verse?

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  5. Nate Phillips

    When Can I...

    ...get a search engine that DOESN'T display results from a crap-load of social sites?

    Just one more reason to not use bing.

  6. John 158
    Gates Halo

    @Oy Vey

    That's not a halo its electrons desperately trying to escape the bing servers.

  7. Patrick O'Reilly

    Fail doesn't actually return any results when you search

  8. Anonymous Coward


    The social networking freaks should have their own non-information search engine. It might as well just be a giant mirror, since that's what they seem to want.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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