back to article Denver website seeks dope critic

Denver's Westword newspaper has unsurprisingly received more than 120 applications for the post of marijuana reviewer, many of whom are offering to do the job for nothing. The site is seeking a permanent critic for its "Mile Highs and Lows" column, AP reports, who'll become "the first professional newspaper critic of medical …


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  1. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge

    Well I'm sold

    Who wouldn't employ someone with a tattoo on their forehead?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    yup, facial tattoos are always classy ;)

    on a serious note as a stoner i would be more than happy to apply for that job. i can tell you many strains just by the smell and give you a good indication of the quality and strength too.

    i can also tell you the genus of the plant, whether that be indica or sativa or some mix (most commeon these days)

    for example if i decide to lay on the sofa, eyes closed listening to music then its really nice northern lights or deriative.

    if i get really hungry its something like white widow

    or i im stodd near my window looking out for flashing blue lights its something like caly orange.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Who says america is backward

    This is the sort of thinking we need in the UK.

    A proper place to go and buy your stash instead of hanging around with the dodgey mates that know somebody.

  4. Robert Carnegie Silver badge


    The U.S. medical system is so messed up. I mean I've had a chemist (dispensary) tell me they unfortunately didn't have my doctor's prescription in stock, would I wait or go elsewhere, but that there is a whole other level.

    And the candidates' cv (resoomay) and sample written reports could be a revelation, I'm thinking.

    Hmm, doctors have endorsed alcohol and tobacco in the past. And I suppose if you have a medical reason for using a product then you may as well enjoy it. But isn't there a risk that people will go out and get arthritis deliberately so that they can get themselves some of that medical marijuana?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    afghan gold seal

    worrrrrrr, nice. my smoke of choice.

  6. Pyros

    re: Robert Carnegie

    Yeah, I'm sure it's just THAT easy to get arthritis in under a week--two if it's the cheaper method. </sarcasm>

  7. Gilbert Wham


    Right, ,here's the deal. Wine: Tastes of grapes, gets you pissed. Cannabis: Tastes of burnt plant, gets you high.

    That's it. The rest is bollocks.

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