back to article Internet Archive uncloaks open ebook dream machine

The Internet Archive and various like-minded partners have launched an open architecture for selling and lending digital books online, an effort to consolidate the fledgling market for net texts - and give Google a little food for thought. Dubbed BookServer, the open platform is meant to provide a standard means for …


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  1. nematoad Silver badge

    Control? What control?

    If I have to buy a book I would rather get a paper based one. Then *I* decide what I can and can't do with it. If I want to give it to a friend I can and if I want to sell it I can. I have absolutely no trust in either the good faith of e-book sellers or the "cloud". I may be thought old fashioned but when I pay for something I like to think that I should be the one in charge.

  2. Ironfrost

    Catalog address for Stanza etc

    it seems the address to add to Stanza is (if this information was in the article, I was too dumb to notice it)

  3. Tam Lin

    Rent to eLose

    Buy the timeless. Borrow the useful. Renting is for crappy American style 'entertainment' - movies and diet/NYT best-seller books - where automatically losing it is beneficial.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Mountain View is pushing ahead..."

    You know, it seems awfully fortunate that tech giants start up in towns with nice-sounding names. Redmond, Mountain View...

    Just once, I'd like to see a huge tech company originate in Dungberry Hole, or something, so synonym-seeking journalists would be forced to refer to them thus forever after.

    "Dungberry Hole says Windows 7 release not later Q4 2009." It'd be fantastic!

  5. sqzbox

    Not ready to compete

    How do they expect to be in this niche with such a lame UI? Seriously? Is it me? I didn't see beta or POC...

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