back to article SGI gets OEM on BlueArc's Mercury

SGI is OEM'ing rebranded BlueArc NAS products in its InfiniteStorage line. SGI is the rebranded Rackable, which bought the failing and bankrupt Silicon Graphics Inc in May. It's a good win for BlueArc which also has Hitachi Data Systems OEM'ing the Mercury network-attached storage (NAS) products, which were announced in July …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    good for them

    because their published SFS numbers for their current Infinite storage NAS box are pretty sad.

    BlueArc certainly has a good NAS product line, my own problems with them have always centered around their back end storage(either LSI or HDS). I hear they are more open to other systems now, than they were last year.

    I wonder if SGI's storage is any better in that respect.

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