back to article Revolting postmen force early Windows 7 launch

Windows 7 orders are arriving in some UK customers’ letterboxes three days ahead of the operating system’s official launch. Currys and PC World have shipped some editions of the software early in a move to try and offset the pain customers face from Royal Mail's planned 48-hour strike on Thursday 22 October, which happens to …


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  1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    For once...

    Perhaps we could give DSGI a little credit for putting their customers first.

  2. stu 4
    Thumb Up

    I'm a party host!

    I got mine last week. As a 'selected party host' it's the limited edition ultimate, singed my Monkey boy Balmer himself.

    I can't wait till thursday where my 'friends' will be getting down to my banging party.

    I have my windows 7 jigsaw and pack of cards to kick things off with a bang, and each guest even gets a windows 7 napkin (really...), and a windows 7 tote bag (which could not be louder and more hideous).

    Since we are all living out a hotel with work, I'm having it at the local hotel.

    I imagine once I get the included windows 7 poster and 'table piece' up I will be literally having to beat the wimin away with a hammer.

    One at a time girls! - I can only show you windows 7s new aqua interface one at a time!!!


  3. Richard Cain 1

    Distill xxx words into one

    El Reg asked Microsoft if it was aware of copies of Windows 7 being shipped early to Currys and PC World punters.

    A spokesman at the software vendor gave us this statement:

    "Microsoft is aware of the planned postal strike and has taken action to minimise impact on those customers who pre-ordered their copies of Windows 7. As a result, some customers may receive their copy of Windows 7 a day or two early."

    That distills into "YES"

  4. John 104


    Been rockin RTM for about a month now - the benefits of corporate IT and an MSDN subscription. :) Its good. Real good. But the security model is slightly more stringent than the RCs that were floating around. Have fun with the \windows directory.....

    Mines the one with the microwaved Vista DVD.

  5. DZ-Jay

    Revolting? Come on!

    So they may not be the fittest or the cutest, but is it really necessary to call them revolting?



  6. Greg J Preece

    Mate at work has his

    But mine hasn't arrived. :-( Ordered on the same day from the same place. Bah.

  7. OFI

    Nice idea..

    Hopefully retailers shipping Forza 3 will do the same as that too is released Friday :-/

    I won't hold my breath :-(

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    via DHL

    just checked my order details at PCWorld ... and mine's being shipped by DHL scheduled for delivery of 22nd. Possibly not gone RM as I ordered 3 copies to bring all the PCs in our house into sync + take advantage of the origina win7E offer to get them off OEM winXP onto retail to simplify (at least in "legal" terms) future upgrades

  9. Anonymous Coward


    If Amazon's service is anything like it normally is for me I won't be seeing my Windows7 for at least several weeks after the release date.

  10. Mark Barton 1
    Thumb Up


    Could you ask what they are doing regards to this? thanks

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Got mine

    I received two copies this morning of 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium from PC World, pre-ordered in July. Good to see that upgrades are possible, but I've decided to do a clean install anyway (our machines have been sluggish for a few months, and have suspicious of a trojan). Have started the tedious preparations, backups of programs, data, bookmarks, etc etc. Shuold be completed by the time of the official launch.

  12. GeorgeTuk

    That unfair, I bet the good looking ones are stopping it too!

    With talk like that you will get the unions on your case!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Win7 arrives early in Kent.

    yes got my copies this morning, cannot believe DSG is putting it's customers first!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    @stu 4 Posted Monday 19th October 2009 14:52 GMT

    Me too

    I can't wait for all those wimmin to swamp my party

    Do you think I'll need to order any wine, I just thought beer would do?

    I keep getting the napkins out to feel the quality ;-}

    The Tote Bags, although loud, do make a statement at Tesco

    (Don't tell anyone I've made the wife use one, for research)

    One girl spotted it and asked what it meant, but she was a pig to look at

  15. tom 24

    Don't you mean... earlier?

    Oh come on, this is hardly the first time a version of Windows has shipped prematurely. This version is just shipping two more days before it's ready than we had expected.

  16. Dale 3


    Does this mean SP1 will come a couple of days sooner too, thanks to the additional testing in the users' hands?

  17. Anonymous Coward

    You there....

    Wowardly anonymous bloke, aren't you supposed to get the 32 and 64 in the same box ? So are you having a larf or were you clobbered ?

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    'The Revolting Postmen'...

    ...would make a fantastic band name.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Received mine today

    Mine arrived this morning, courtesy of my smiling, happy postie.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    £27.90 for a Toshiba Windows 7 upgrade - and now this...

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for ordering the Toshiba Windows 7 Upgrade pack. Your shipment will contain a Windows 7 DVD, the product key and a free Toshiba driver DVD, containing the latest Windows 7 drivers for your Toshiba PC. Additionally, the driver DVD will guide you through the upgrade process for your convenience. The collection of the driver DVD and the programming of an automatic upgrade process require some more time. Therefore, we will be able to ship your Windows 7 Upgrade at the beginning of December. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Due to technical reasons it is not possible to ship your Windows 7 Upgrade pack without the driver DVD. As soon as the upgrade pack has been shipped, we will inform you straight away by email.

    Kind regards

    Your Windows 7 Upgrade Team

  21. Reality Dysfunction
    Thumb Up

    first time ever I have love for pcworld.....

    Couldnt figure what that package was when I got home... I was resigned to waiting weeks for my preorder of 32/64 win7 pro.

    Yayyy cept my leave doesnt start till next week so I've no time to install it

  22. Clint Sharp

    Shamelessly stolen..

    Damn those postmen, if only scientists could work out some way of sending messages using computers and the Internet...

  23. Roger Garner
    Go as well...

    ... they charged my card 2 days ago so suspect they're on the way for most. Sadly my card was cloned recently so the payment was naturally declined. Joy.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    Nothing from


  25. J 3

    Nice of them

    That said...

    "Yay, our vial of smallpox is arriving a few days earlier than expected!"


  26. Mike Lovell
    Thumb Up

    @John 104

    Me too, weird to think it's only just being released to the unwashed masses. I've been running RTM for 6 weeks, then RC before that for months.

    I can't even remember what life was like before Windows 7...

  27. Matt Hawkins


    What are the post office striking about this time? It's getting a bit boring now. They are flushing their industry down the toilet just like the unions did the British car industry.

    On the plus side I've got my 2 copies of Win 7 from PCWorld. So thanks all round to the CWU! Keep up the good work lads!

  28. Dean 9

    No sign of mine yet

    I have ordered a copy from Currys and awaiting for my delivery from Royal "lets always strike" Mail.

    Hopefully it will arrive soon :-)

  29. ledmil
    Thumb Up

    I've got mine

    Mine arrived today. Definately wasn't expecting that with the final email saying 5-7 days after Wednesday 21st. Nice to get some good customer services for a change.

  30. David Harrington 1
    Thumb Up

    Delighted in Edinburgh

    Well done DSG - doing this is clearly in the interests of your customers and thanks a lot - I was very surprised (in a good way) to get my copies this morning.

  31. Julian 1


    Amazon have not despatched mine yet!

    I suppose there's still time if they are not using Royal Mail, but I will be disappointed if it's late!

  32. Michael Vasey
    Gates Halo


    Mine was waiting for me when I got home from work today. All installed and running nicely now after a spot of drama getting it to run at the proper resolution on my external monitor. Seems quite spiffy so far.

  33. Reg Sim

    Ahh quotes with out context.

    I notice at the bottom of the article is a link to quotes by Peter Mandelson; I would of much prefered a link to the dispute and the 'reasons' behind it rather than some random rubish from that git stated a bit like 'fact' like he has nothing to do with the current mess.

    ...not that I am annoyed or anything. (I am also not a postman or have anything to do with the postal service)

  34. Anonymous Coward

    Mine's due....



    Windows - really ?

  35. nobby
    Thumb Down

    well i wont be getting mine

    after i checked my pre-order on and it had doubled in price since i ordered, discretion took the better part of valour and i cancelled the order. pity that a 100% price increase didn't warrant an email from them. i'll just have to continue to use vista until i can save up enough pennies.

  36. TCMuffin
    Thumb Up

    Me too

    My copies arrived yesterday (PC World order of Pro and Home Premium)

  37. Milkfloat
    Gates Halo

    Lucky Me

    And there was me thinking I was clever by buying it via download, rather than physical media. Still at least it only cost me £30 for Windows 7 Pro (benefits of a wife with email address).

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Premature Shipping?

    (@tom24) I think you can get treatment for that...

    Paris, for obvious reasons.

  39. madferret


    Just checked my order status and it says

    Delivery estimate: 26 Oct 2009 - 28 Oct 2009

    Dispatch estimate: 21 Oct 2009

    Been using the Enterprise trial edition for a while so not that bothered about the wait. If it's working, etc.

  40. Anonymous Coward


    Thats a big fail - Amazon guarantee the price you pay for a pre-order will be the same or lower, not higher. I'm getting Pro edition for £43 and they haven't changed the price. I guess you looked at the product page rather than your actual order.

  41. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Windows 7 party?

    Is this one where you all sit round your shiny new DVD and read the EULA and once you all fully understand what you are signing up for, then install the OS. Then reboot and "activate" it, then patch, then reboot again?

    Sounds like a fun evening for sure :(

    Penguin, because you can safely search for "speciality entertainment" on t'Internet

  42. Gordon861

    PC World

    I phoned them last week to ask about this and was told that they knew there was a potential problem.

    But got an email from them earlier saying :

    "PLEASE NOTE: If you have pre-ordered a copy of Windows 7 this will not leave our warehouse any earlier than Wednesday 21st October (the day before the official launch date). You should expect delivery to be 5-7 days after this date."

    Even without the postal strike there is no way you'd actually get the package on the release day then.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: well i wont be getting mine

    "after i checked my pre-order on and it had doubled in price since i ordered, discretion took the better part of valour and i cancelled the order. pity that a 100% price increase didn't warrant an email from them. i'll just have to continue to use vista until i can save up enough pennies."

    I hate to break it to you, but Amazon have a pre-order price guarantee - you will pay the lowest price that whatever you pre-ordered got to since you pre-ordered it. I'm currently paying £149.48 for each copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. That's why you didn't get an e-mail from them - if you hadn't cancelled your order then you'd probably still be paying whatever price is what when you pre-ordered it (perhaps even less).

  44. Martin Glenn

    @ nobby

    You cancelled your pre-order because Amazons pre order price doubled, Did you not read their price promise statement when you ordered it. I have left mine be as their price promise stated that they would honour the pre-order price.

  45. Please don't manhandle me
    Thumb Up

    Signature on delivery NOT required???

    I received my copy today, which was pre-ordered from PC World a few months back.

    I find it strange that they are sending these out by standard Royal Mail 1st Class post (so no signature is required, unlike Recorded Delivery). I wonder how many will go "missing".

    Err, actually, maybe I made a mistake and didn't receive my copy yet ;)

  46. N2

    sounds like

    PC (rip off) World, have just for once taken the right action.

    But as for the prospect of a 'Windows 7 activation party', or whatever its called, I agree with Paul Crawford - How those long winter nights must fly by.

    Im the one in the kitchen, paying no interest to whats going on & slinging as much booze down my neck before the party seven runs out...

  47. kingkobra

    Amazon just despatched

    Just got email from Amazon saying mine has been dispatched, estimated delivery date tomorrow, so they are getting it out early too.

  48. nobby

    @Martin Glenn

    well. let me know if they don't charge you full price then and i'll cry a little into my tea.

    The big message on my account page in amazon clearly stated that i'd now be liable for the higher price. Their price promise always nicely mentions that if the price *goes down* they'll honour the lower price.

    but i'm willing to be wrong

  49. PirateSlayer
    Thumb Up

    Amazon Posted...

    I had mine on pre-order from Posted at price of around £64, I got the lowest price as expected. I had selected last class post, but they seem to have 'upgraded' me for free and my parcel will be with me tomorrow...nice service!

    I think the deal means that if the price goes down, you pay less and if the price goes up, you pay what you originally said you'd least I think so.

  50. Martin Glenn
    Thumb Up


    I will keep you posted mate, Just checked my account not indication of being liable for high price and states that they are preparing for dispatch.

  51. Greg J Preece

    Got mine!

    Arrived this morning. I'll get that installed tonight. Hopefully they've finally fixed the slow file copying bug and sorted out the weird problem I get with boot times on my desktop...

  52. Jay 2
    Thumb Down


    Play posted mine on Monday, no sign of it so far. Mind you I still haven't received the 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo they allegedly sent two weeks ago (and annoyingly I can't report it for another week).

    Given the usual delay of stuff from Play, the delay imposed by the postroom at work, and the bloody striking posties I probably won't see Win7 until next week.

  53. Martin Glenn

    @Nobby again

    How many tears to you want in that Tea, Dispatched for delivery via DHL today and at the pre original pre order price for Professional E Edition, Which means that I get the full version instead

  54. Pandy06269
    Paris Hilton

    Amazon @Neil Williams 1

    Got mine yesterday (21st) from Amazon, had it installed within an hour.

    @nobby - Yes Amazon have a price guarantee, the 50% offer was valid if you pre-ordered before the end of August, so I got mine for about £60.

    Paris - because she'd probably cancel her Windows 7 pre-order without reading the price guarantee too.

  55. Ventilator
    Thumb Up


    @ Neil Williams 1

    My pre-ordered copies of Windows 7 Home Premium arrived bright and early this morning courtesy of those nice people at DHL and Amazon.

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