back to article Microsoft names Visual Studio 2010 dates

Microsoft has struggled with the best way to sell Visual Studio's application lifecycle management ever since it introduced Team System against IBM's Rational four years back. As the company prepares to release Visual Studio 2010 for Windows 7, Office 2010 and a new line Windows servers about to come on tap, Microsoft is taking …


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  1. Reg Varney

    11 THOUSAND dollars for Visual Studio??

    VS is undoubtedly a good tool. And MSDN is a fantastic resource.

    But... 11 THOUSAND DOLLARS???

  2. Tony Hoyle

    Interesting, but...

    MS are going to have a hard sell.

    I find it's a tough call between VS 2003, 2005 and 2008.. 2003 is a known quantity, works and is the choice for stable projects. 2005 has 64bit compiles, but is a buggy as hell. 2008 seems to have solved most of the 2005 bugs but has its own, like it'll suddenly vanish whilst you're typing (which is *fun* if you've forgotten to save for half an hour).

    MS seem to always focus on TLA of the week over stability.. and it takes until SP1 + a bunch of other workarounds before the product is usable. DLR, ALM.. whatever. They'll be forgotten 10 seconds into a project because they're not relevant to 99% of people.

    When I'm sat there I want an editor that doesn't crash, a compiler that produces reasonable code. Edit&continue is nice, when it works (and no, changing a *comment* should *not* cause it to fail). Same with the completion/highlighting stuff. Great, when it works.

    Forget the rest. Get that stable and we'll adopt it. Produce the normal collection of unstable rubbish and you'll be lucky until it's seen until 2015.

  3. Abel Braaksma

    Overview of release dates

    Finally beta 2! Great news. Pity that we need to wait until a few days before the release and hear from employees indirectly when it will arrive. It'll probably take just as long before we find out the actual RTM dates (assuming 22nd May is not an RTM date but the actual release date). Will there be any significant other releases (beta 3, release candidates)? I tried to estimate some of the dates based on previous experiences and put them together here: (sorry cannot create a link here, so you'll have to copy/paste it).

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Arrgghh no. more .NET

    Releases Cluttering up my system. How big a download with V4 be? 250Mb?

    Add to that the previously mentioned instability and I'm certainly not sure if this is worth the money. 2003 works fine for most of what I do.

    The microsoft UK will probably change the $ into a £ and sell it at £1199. Bah Humbug.

    It is getting close to saying 'Come back Java, all is forgiven'

  5. Paul Smith

    I wonder...

    $11,000! How many copies of eclipse will that get me?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Old fogey chimes in

    Why is there never any discussion of the code generated with these tools? Any talk of a new Visual Studio is all about what new eye candy is present, or which new paradigm Microsoft is enthused about this year.

    Can the C/C++ compiler generate code that takes advantage x86 SIMD instructions sets more recent than SSE2? Will/can it auto-generate code that uses multiple CPU cores? Can I once again compile for a specific CPU type, or is Microsoft still spouting that absurd claim that that the instruction sequence generated is optimal for all x86 processors?

  7. Robert Gough

    not quite yet

    for the record, beta2 hasn't actually made it onto the MSDN subscriber lists yet.

  8. MinionZero

    uummm... ! ... !! ... !!! ...

    $11924 eak!!!! ... my mouse just died of shock!

  9. AndrueC Silver badge

    Speed freak

    I'll be happy if it operates at a decent speed. I'm fed up of waiting ages for solutions to load an unload. And WTF is it with adding a reference? Half a minute waiting for that damn' assembly selector dialog to appear.

    While we're at it a more powerful solution manager would help. I'm sick of having to use batch files and build events to sort out dependcies. We've had to split several projects up into separate solutions now because VS just doesn't provide enough control. It's a pain to debug but we have no choice :-/

  10. John Lewis 4
    Thumb Down

    Misleading information!

    "The company will also try to upsell you under it's so-called Ultimate offer. Developers on the soon-to-be canned Visual Studio 2008 Team System editions or on Visual Studio 2008 who splash out and upgrade to the Premium-level MSDN subscription before March 22 will get Ultimate at no cost when it ships. Those on Visual Studio 2008 Professional and MSDN Professional now will get Visual Studio 2010 Premium at no extra cost."

    The above statement is just plain wrong!


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