back to article UK fatties demand 'hate crime' status for lardo-baiting

Woebegone British swingbellies have launched a campaign against anti-lardo "hate crime" and discrimination, even as a survey of possibly gutbusting Germans has revealed that being "overweight" is actually not a health hazard. The British flab-lib campaign is reported today by the BBC, which quotes Kathryn Szrodecki - described …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Oh, the LAW.

    @ "Someone being beaten up should be a crime", commented Szrodecki.

    I entirely agree, you should be punished for being beaten up - good line there that person.

    More realistically, beating someone up IS a crime (as far as i'm aware) regardless of the reason for beating said person (unless its self defence or some such thing).

  2. It wasnt me

    What a load of ....

    Reallly, go on a diet. People cant change their sexuality or skin colour or religious heritage. Or even being ginger.

    You, however, can quite happily stop stuffing your face full of cake if the taunts are getting too much.

    I dont like getting up in the morning, but Im not calling for legal protection to protect my rights to being downright lazy.

    Stop stuffing your face and do some exercise.

    Lard-arse. (Sue me).

  3. Anonymous Coward

    "Someone being beaten up should be a crime,"...

    Er it is, it's called assault.

    @ LP surely being 6'3" would pretty much preclude you from being a cox, I think even Willie Carson's too big to be a cox. anyway for the ladies surely it should be the coxless 4s anyway.

  4. Jamie Kitson

    Doctor Doctor

    The bit about the doctor not being allowed to mention it is ridiculous, being over weight is bad for your health (ie expensive for the NHS and the rest of us) and is something you can change. I wouldn't have thought there was much argument over that. It'll be smokers next :)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Here's an original and revolutionary idea ...

    How about getting rid of all the "special legal protection" for particular minorities and just make it illegal to beat people up? Like sort of "human rights" instead of rights just for particular groups?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Marsha Coupe"! Sounds more like "Marsha Hatchback" to me!

    AC because I've read "Consider Phlebas" and know what I might be in for.

  7. Donal Gavin


    Im not over weight but i did find the use of language in the article higly offensive. I expected this from the Sun but the register?

  8. TeeCee Gold badge


    '"Someone being beaten up should be a crime," commented Szrodecki.'

    It's currently legal to beat the crap out of fat bastards? Who knew?

  9. Steve 26

    Increased Mortality

    It always makes me laugh to see 'increased mortality rates'. It's 100% for everyone. Are obese people going to die twice?

  10. May Contain Nuts

    You're a (fat) plonker...

    "I have been discriminated against - I am a YMCA qualified fitness instructor, but I have gone for jobs and been laughed off the premises,"

    Just like I, as a web developer, would be laughed out of pitches if I sent potential customers a Front Page Express page as my portfolio...

    I have no problem with half the population being fat and unhealthy - it'll make it easier for the rest of us to hunt and eat them when the world descends into a post-apocolyptic Mad Max-style place after the swine-flu/credit crunch/meteor/Windows 7 armageddon hits.

  11. Tom 7

    What a bunch of sad wimps we're turning into

    As a 20 stone tub of lard I have no problems with 'special' people trying to raise their social status above slug level by desperate attempt at humour.

    What I do object to is censorious muppets who should be sat on by people like me.

    Oh and those prats who can only do simple maths making up stupid rules like BMI - I was once 3 stone heavier than this and had no fat on me at all, now my body is constructed almost completely of fat my BMI is lower and I'm not quite morbidly obese as I was when I could run 60 miles in a week without batting an eyelid.

  12. Duncan Hothersall


    "We're not 'flabbies', we're not 'gut buckets', we're not 'pork features', we're not! And, down these narrow streets a man must go - we're stout, and we're proud!"

  13. A nony Mouse Cow Herder
    IT Angle

    IT Angle

    Where is the IT Angle ? or is some Fatty promoting Boffin who works in Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences justify an IT Angle Now a days.

    I think this is just all just load of fatties self promotion and postive spin, they obviously just want to have there Cake and Eat it.

  14. Ben Rosenthal

    wait, what?

    "Someone being beaten up should be a crime," commented Szrodecki.

  15. Asylum Sam

    " no special legal protection for fatties "

    "In the UK there is currently no special legal protection for fatties as there is for those persecuted on religious, ethnic or sexual grounds."

    No, and nor should there be. Indeed there should be no 'special' law to protect race or religion either. Why is attacking someone on their race somehow worse than the way they look? Or their sex?

    The whole issue of (especially Race and Religion) persecution, so called hate crimes is hugely blown out of all proportion. It simply boils down to one thing; Some people like to hurt others, period, and so look around for a target. Be it a nasty comment from some white shirt beer monster at the long haired student in a town center pub, or three black/white 'yoofs' attacking one white/black person in an underpass.

    Animal minds will always have an undercurrent of nastiness, and many will look around for an individual or group to target.

    So scrap the racism laws, scrap the pro-handicapped laws, and boil the whole lot down to 'be nice, or be punished' laws. I don't see why calling someone a (insert most villified racial slur you know here) should attract any more of a punishment than attacking someone for their weight, and vice versa, attacking someone because of their weight should bring the same punishment as racism.

    If you attack someone, that in itself should be reason enough to have to account for your actions.


  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well I'm morbidly obese and guess what?

    We all die. Fortuneately, I'm enjoying life, eating and drinking what I like, doing what I like. Unlike those poor straving thino's who I'll crush underfoot as I rush (sic.) to the burger stand :-)

  17. Jamie Kitson


    Should have read the fucking article *before* commenting.

  18. SuperTim

    Interesting turns of phrase

    by someone in the so called overweight category. Seems that you are more than happy to bait fatties yourself.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Lardos? Porkers?

    Are you a journalist or a troll?

  20. Andrew Moore

    Oh well...

    As long as there isn't a law banning us from chucking harpoons at them...

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "no special legal protection for fatties as there is for those persecuted on religious, ethnic or sexual grounds"

    So all they need to do is claim that their weight is a sign of their religion...

  22. Crazy Goat Man Al

    And i think you'll find it is

    "Someone being beaten up should be a crime," commented Szrodecki

    No need for extra ledgislation and laws and red tape. It is a crime, stop eating the doughnuts and walk down to the police station and report it. Standard punishment these days due to the over crowded jails and liberals is a free playstation in the hope the offenders will be to busy play gta to bother committing crimes in the real world

  23. Ihre Papiere Bitte!!

    Huh?? Y'say wha?

    ***"Someone being beaten up should be a crime," commented Szrodecki.***

    Erm... it is a crime to beat someone up, isn't it?

  24. Hermes Conran

    Swingbelly! love it!!

    BMI 25! I do love a pie and pint!

  25. Matt Newton
    Thumb Down

    Punched? Beer thrown?

    Hounded out of premises?

    Sounds like it's her attitude or something else rather than her being a fatass.

  26. Knowledge

    Hang on a minute...

    "Someone being beaten up should be a crime," commented Szrodecki.

    What, like 'assult' or something?

  27. Kieran 2

    Christ on a bike

    "someone being beaten up should be a crime" - it is.

    I used to weigh 27stone and I didn't get any of the shit these people are whinging about.

    And a fat fitness instructor is clearly going to find little enthusiasm when most of their customers are looking to lose weight and need someone who can demonstrate they know how to keep fit!

  28. The Original Ash

    Surely, that's...

    full-figured disclosure.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a wonderful turn of phrase

    "In the UK there is currently no special legal protection for fatties "

    Brightened up my afternoon.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Tricky, who to slate and who not to slate

    The BBC carries this quote "Not everyone has a free choice about controlling their weight."

    So what about the ones who do have a free choice about controlling their weight but are too bloody lazy to do anything about it.

    If the so called fatties are troubled by the victimisation they receive and want legal protection, I want the same for smokers, the amount of people that make comments about the "dirty habit" offends me greatly it's not like I have a choice.

    (probably over did the exaggeration, but hopefully you get my point)

  31. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    No, I don't think so.

    Can't see any justification for these lard-asses being given any special treatment.

    In my opinion, calling someone "lard-ass", "fatty" or "porker" is a reasonable and objective call based on the aforementioned "lard-ass" being unable to keep their feet out of the cake shop. Oh... sorry, silly me. I forgot that obesity is genetic isn't it? Rather than a lack of responsibility of "barrel-boy" to eat sensibly and exercise regularly.

    While I am sorry that this person may have has some maltreatment by other members of the public, they have to realise that this also happens to other stereotyped persons... such as "beanpoles", "gingers", "Northeners", and the Welsh.

    Get over it. Get off of the sofa. Eat better.

  32. Atrox666

    They should have their own complaint office

    ..but they should make the door really really narrow.

  33. Anonymous Coward

    a title...

    "Someone being beaten up should be a crime," commented Szrodecki.

    It is you idiot. They don't need any more protection than is already provided by existing law. Stop calling the PC WAAAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE and get on a fucking treadmill.

    Anon because they might sit on me.

  34. rhydy
    Paris Hilton


    You were doing so well until the last but one. You guys almost had a list of unique terms but dropped the ball near the end..doh

    swingbellies, lardos, long-belted, rotund, globular, porker, lardos, fatties.

  35. Daedalus

    We have all been here before

    Anybody remember the "Not the Nine O'Clock News" sketch about fat-lib ? This report might have been taken straight from it.

  36. M7S

    "Someone being beaten up should be a crime"

    ...commented Szrodecki

    It is. Having it categorised due to the type of victim makes them just that. Full time victims.

    Big Mistake.


  37. Chris Hedley Silver badge

    A lardy arse speaks

    Speaking as a lard-arse who doesn't really appreciate the attention of the mouth-breathers, I'm still utterly against this sort of proposed legislation: in fact I'd rather see existing "hate crime" repealed and instead rely on laws to tackle actual crimes, y'know, assault and stuff. As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather know up-front that some gobshite's a halfwit than have them silenced only to find out later. And if someone wants to dribble about my circumference, so what? I can lose weight, but there's bugger all they can do about being an idiot.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    While physical abuse and hurtful insults are never justified, a part of me still thinks "well if it's upsetting you that much, you could always just go for a run every now and then, or maybe opt for a salad instead of a big mac sometimes".

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    good 'ol crappy BMI

    i recall in my youth with a 26" waist being listed as obese by the stupid BMI.

  40. Steve 138

    Made my day :-)

    HAHA, this is sooo funny!!! Both the article and the comments.

  41. Anonymous Coward

    They just need...

    to grow thicker skins...

    Oh, hang on a minute...

  42. Cazzo Enorme


    The BMI is a poor guide to obesity, but guess what? It's only one of a number of things a doctor will take into account before declaring you a salad dodger. For instance, my BMI alone would suggest I'm a fat git. However, I'm 6'5" tall (off of most doctors BMI charts), and a body builder, so all that extra weight is mostly muscle. The typical test done in addition to calculating your BMI is a caliper test - immortalised by a breakfast cereal advert which asked whether "you can pinch more than an inch".

  43. Matthew 3

    Reduce your height!

    This solution makes someone go from being lardy to 'normal' (because the BMI is so cretinously biased towards short-arses).

    And the full disclosure says you're 6'3"? Pah! I'm 6' 6": that's a proper height!

    Even my doctor agrees that at my 'ideal' BMI I'd snap in half in a high wind.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hehe, lots of laughs

    One of the primary differentiators between a human and an animal is the power of will. Not intelligence, not social skills, but one simple factor - willpower. A human is capable of resisting temptation for a future gain. A human is capable of withstanding pain until it is payback time.

    Very few animals can do that and the few that can can do so only for a very short amount of time.

    And with all due respect someone who is asking for more human rights while failing one of the basic tests for being a human should go f*** off.

    Oh, by the way, I will not pass an obese person on an interview. He has failed the interview before he has even started. If he has no willpower to keep himself in shape, I do not see how to expect willpower for him to stay focused on a project.

    Disclaimer - I used to be nearly 16 stone while being 6 feet 1". I used to have to downshift to the lowest gears or outright get off on a bike to cross a bridge. Used to. Not any more. While by the BMI measure I am still overweight I have no problem running for miles or playing basketball for a couple of hours. So to all "rights campaigners" - unless you have a medical condition preventing you from doing so f*** off and go on a diet.

  45. Anonymous Coward

    Oy vey

    You nearly made it a whole article without causing giggling, you bastard. The footnote was priceless. Bravo!

    So the ladies rowing team said no to huge cox then? I'm sorry, but you set that up on purpose, innit?

    Anyway, "chuh" and so forth. It's madness gone politically etc. etc.

    <- 6 ft 3 and about 13 stone (guessing wildly). Laying off the chocolate to avoid piling on the pounds with a sedentary office job

  46. Craig 28

    @Asylum Sam

    Most of the discrimination laws aren't actually about violence pratface. If you scrap all the laws at present then how do you judge where discrimination stops? Intelligence? Qualifications? Imagine if the law was such that you can't discriminate against people because of their lack of qualifications?

    Equally what if a shop suddenly decided to stop serving black/blind/gay people?

    Most assault laws *are* neutral in terms of discrimination. That said there is the small issue of how seriously the police would take it (our local coppers are a joke even about car or house vandalism), and so on. Punching someone might not get their attention, since a single punch isn't what you could call "beating someone up". Even a couple of punches might not get them off their arses, fat or otherwise.

    I'm visually impaired, a lot of the laws regarding the visually impaired are for obtaining jobs or services. For example web sites that sell things are required to be "not unreasonably difficult" for us. What if Tesco suddenly decided to redesign and leave us out? We find shopping in physical shops hard because we can't browse the shelves, and even with assistance (which without discrimination laws would not be obliged to be provided) you have to rely on them and trust that they'll get things right. If a blind person had a nut allergy and the person assisting them failed to properly check the items for nut content then this could be very serious indeed, and that is just an extreme example.

    There are any number of ways this can go wrong, very wrong.

  47. Tony Humphreys
    Thumb Up

    I never knew that...

    So its actually legal to put up a No Fat Chicks sign.

    Get the paint!

  48. the_madman

    Best bit of the article

    Full disclosure: The author is 6'3" and 16 stone, ie one of the overweight. He feels able to survive in today's hefty-hating climate without special legal protection, however; though the memory of being refused a place as cox of a ladies' rowing team many years ago still stings.

    So he's being discriminated against because he's fat AND male! Oh, the outrage! XD

  49. Anonymous Coward


    "Someone being beaten up should be a crime" - Erm it is a crime? Assault, Battery, ABH, GBH? Depending on severity.

    Do 'fat' people constitute a minority group? I don't get why they need extra protection, aren't we all equal in the eyes of the law? I could use the cliche of ginger people...

  50. daily
    Thumb Up

    A few good ones...

    She so fat her baby picture was an aerial shot.

    She so fat the back of her neck look like a pack of hot dogs.

    She so fat she has to iron her pants on the driveway.

    She so fat she was baptized at Sea World.

    She so fat she stepped on a pound and made 20 shilling.

    She so fat her shadow weighs 14 stone.

    She so fat she walked in front of the TV and we missed 5 minutes of Benny Hill

    She so fat, at the end of the day, her high heels are flats.

    She so fat she jump up in the air, and got stuck.

  51. Paul Charters

    Oh get over yourselves!

    If you can...

    But really, how long until any overweight person refused a job on grounds of incompetence immediately tries to sue the company claiming it's because of their weight?

    How long until we constantly hear the phrase 'is it cos I is fat?'?


  52. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sorry but...

    ... protecting the fragile egos of fatties is not the place of the law.

    Something you have done to yourself is fair game! What's next? We protect the rights of people who have drawn a moustache on their face with a biro...

  53. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anti-discrimination required for speccies as well

    "I have been punched, I have had beer thrown in my face," added four-eyed persecutee Joe Brown. "They say 'Move out of the way blind git!'"

    I demand my anti-discrimination rights as well. It's not fair that fatties say they are the last group to be picked on. What about us spectacle wearing nerds? In fact, what about anti-discrimination legislation for nerds as well. It's just not fair that us IT blokes (and blokesess) get stereotyped as anorak loving, greasy haired, short sighted, introverts.

    Anon cause I would be picked on otherwise.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm a fatty racist

    If I am fat, does that mean I can call other people fat? :p

    Will fatties be saying "yo, whats sup fatties" to each other?

    So all the time we are being told that being overweight is bad, and now one research paper says its probably not... just one? Is that reason to change our whole ideas? (It is just this one right?).

    Also I think the heath issues are more to do with the people that ARE overweight are generally lazy, eat poor food and do nothing that is GOOD for them.

  55. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge

    "Someone being beaten up should be a crime," commented Szrodecki.

    And, surprise, surprise, it is. Whether you're of the portly variety or otherwise.

    This does raise the issue with the whole 'discrimination' thing, however. I fail to see how there is any difference between being beaten up, and being beaten up for being black, gay, short, old, fat, or whatever. You still get beaten up, and that is what is wrong. The motivation of the person committing the crime makes the act no worse. All this sort of legislation achieves is to create a group of folk who do not get 'special protection' from abuse. That group being everyone who is not specifically covered by anti-discrimination legislation.

  56. Neil Stansbury
    Thumb Down


    So would she advocate similar anti-discrimination laws for smokers?

    After all, that is another voluntary activity, that is injurious to your health - except in the case of smokers, the “polluter” pays – unlike fatties - as food is VAT free.

    Now our laws will be demanding businesses expand their doorways & strengthen their floors. No doubt another campaign led by the insurance industry, as our PC “all inclusive” society expands – especially around the waistline – even when the exclusion is by choice.

    I choose the freedom to be stupid – not protected from it.

  57. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Not fat, just not tall enough

    BMI has 2 dependencies, weight and height. If people have a certain weight then all they have to do to achieve any given BMI figure is to adjust their height accordingly.So the simple (and no doubt politically correct) answer would be to provide elastic tape measures.Then they can adjust the stretchiness of the tape to return whatever height they'd need to be in order to have a healthy BMI

    After all, if governments can massage official figures to suit their needs and accountants can be creative with their P&Ls why shouldn't people be allowed to have any height they choose?

  58. Asylum Sam

    @Craig 28

    I agree with you completely, however I see no need at all for them to be anything but civil legislation issues. Its the act of defining discrimination that I have issue with.

    By defining an 'act of discrimination' we create the discrimination it rules against.

    Before the definition, Company A refused to hire Person B because of their disability/race, whatever. Surely there doesn't need to be a whole seperate set of rules to cover that?

    Having an actively anti-discrimination society leads to a society where positive discrimination (the great oxymoron of our time) becomes desireable.

    To discriminate is to favour one over another. Give the job to someone who may be doesn't quite have the same skills as another candidate, but ticks the female/handicapped box.

    Thats fair enough, you might say, but is it? Why, in a fair and free society, should the job applicant be discriminated against?

    I just think it unfair that some people live with a whole different rule book to protect them.

    (The road laws are another example, kill someone by running round after a few pints waving a big piece of lead pipe in the park, its murder/manslaughter, take a corner badly because you've had a few pints and cripple a child and you probably get dangerous driving. Not fair)

    Whilstever there is one rule for one person, another for someone who is different there will never be any equality, the very fact that there is a difference, and it is noted in law, will always create discrimination.

  59. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Donal Gavin

    Were *you* actually offended, or did you just assume the article would be offensive to some theoretical person you have imagined up in your head? If you yourself are not overweight, who are you to decide whether real overweight people will be offended? Aren't they capable of deciding for themselves?

  60. Aaron Em

    Goddammit, Page...

    ...stick to what you know; that's where you are worth reading. This article, on the other hand, is crap, and the comments are worse.

  61. Anonymous Coward

    I'm not fat, I'm Fluffy

    I just don't want someone else spilling over the armrest in the plane seat next to me, ok?

  62. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ok, so many people have asserted that weight is so immanently self-controllable that it should be valid to discriminate against someone based upon it....

    So, if we accept that as a reasonable assertion... how about religion? Surely it is much easier to change religions than it is to lose weight, heck, even assuming that the implications that it is merely a decision to lose weight were true, it still takes time, whereas, once someone chooses to not follow a religion they may instantly cease all aspects of that religion.

    So, by this logic, religious discrimination should be even more acceptable than weight discrimination.

    Sexual orientation merely requires great pain and lots of self-determination and willpower to change; this is identical to changing the state of being overweight, so... sexual orientation is a-ok to discriminate against.

    Race is more difficult to change, though I'm sure that it could be accomplished with a certain amount of surgical alteration. Perhaps this should be offered by the government?

    All in all, it seems that the best policy would be to deterime what things can be used to discriminate (job qualifications for hiring, for example) and specify them in the law... in all other cases, be nice or be in trouble..

  63. Jason Yau
    Paris Hilton


    Fat people could always, um, lose weight.

    Paris, cause she knows how to deal with a fat one.

  64. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Some mistake Shirley

    Saladbar refugees

    Crackling doners

    Gravity distorters

    10 lbs of shit stuffed into 5 lb bags

    BMI challenged

    I'll come quietly, officer.

  65. Richard 102

    Um ...

    "someone being beaten up should be a crime"

    Good gravy, we're raising a generation of wimps.

  66. Richard 102

    @AC wrote

    "Are you a journalist or a troll?"

    There's a difference?

  67. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    Stout Life

    Have't seen that for quite a while. One of Mel Smith's finest.

  68. Anonymous Coward

    ..and a few more...

    "Kathryn Szrodecki - described elsewhere (and pictured) by the Beeb as "a full-figured woman firm in her belief that to be big is not to be bad""

    I suppose her belief has to be firm. No other part of her would be.

    "I have been discriminated against - I am a YMCA qualified fitness instructor, but I have gone for jobs and been laughed off the premises,"

    Presumably something to do with being fat and unfit and not projecting the right image of a FITNESS instructor. Still, it's fun to stay at the YMCA. Allegedly.

    "I have had beer thrown in my face," according to the porcine paunchbag. Surely she should be grateful that she had someone else to throw the beer, cakes, etc. into her face as she'd normally have to do that herself, consuming precious calories that she could be stock-piling.

  69. Mathew White

    Oh the fail.

    So does this mean that it will be illegal to charge someone who is in possession of 2 buttocks the volume of small car for an extra seat on an aeroplane?

    And what about someone who is 24 stone, don't they have a significantly larger carbon footprint? (no pun intended)

    Being at the larger end of the weight scale myself, I think that people shouldn't to try and make the state babysitting them and other people.

    The FLAB people seem to think that overweight people should be treated like addicts, not a minority.

  70. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Someone called me a fat bastard at the weekend so I punched his head in for him, he didn't like that one bit.

  71. Anonymous Coward

    you gonna sit on me?!

    Yeah... being 300lbs. and a lineman on the 'american football' team (not to confuse those from across the pond), someone asked me that once..... I can tell you, it was a satisfying scene watching him being rushed to the hospital in the ambulance for a split sternum and broken ribs......Careful what you ask for!

  72. Anonymous Coward

    BMI is blx

    BMI and indeed alot of medical definitions are descrimination incarnate. Get one rugby player - peak health and BMI them, oh look there obease according to the BMI.

    but hey we have descrimination all the time. Large people have to pay more for cloths, have to eat more to sustain there weight and all becasue they were born larger than some pissant midgets who get the same level of benifets to live on.

    Heck even a male needs 1/5th more food to live on than a women, do they get more money to compensate for that - no. SO does the benifit system descriminate against non-midgets.

  73. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rights for Chunkies

    discrimination based on aesthetics or physical mass should be treated the same as discrimination based on race or skin colour.

    And whilst we are at it, alcohol and chocolate to be made illegal and a grade A drug.

  74. Andrew Taylor 1

    Well said by the Skinny Mafia

    Talking out of your arse about fat people, without knowing any background details, just because you're skinny typifies what this woman is talking about. Think before you preach, yes some people overeat and gain weight un-necessarily but they don't deserved to be abused, would you idiots feel equally at home making jokes in the same vein against anorexic's. I'm technically overweight, having been a Rugby Union prop forward for over 20 years & then Refereeing, with a high level of fitness, for another 12 years. I now cycle 12 miles a day, 3 days a week and regularly take part in cross country mountain biking, any of you big gobs fancy joining me or are you to busy insulting people without knowing them.

    Gobshite's the lot of you.

  75. Bounty


    Everything is discrimination, it's how we make choices. We are not obliged to ask a fat person to dance for every skinny person we ask. What if I don't like short people.... or gang members, they get official discrimination. Laws are not there to be fair, they are there to solve problems. I don't see this as a problem that needs to be solved with laws.

  76. ian 22

    Revisionist measures

    Time to change from the generic "stone" to the more specific "diamond" or "opal". "I weigh 12 diamond" is more attractive than "I weigh 12 stone", and more accurate. Stone puts me in mind of boring grey wet London buildings.

    Use "robust" and "stout lad" more often.

  77. Balefire

    I'm short & fat

    and I've been to the doctors about 1/100 of the time the skinnies at work have been. Last time I went was because I had a burst appendix about 6 years ago. Time before that was about 15 years ago for an ingrown toenail. Some of the people I work with have been 10 times in the last year alone!

  78. Originone

    Everybody discriminates...

    all the time, and we do it for all kinds of reasons. I personally discriminate regularly based on a persons behavior, attire, gender, speech, religion, personality, interests, profession, and education, I will modify my behavior and reaction toward you for any of these reasons. There are probably many other reasons that I discriminate as well. Some times its positive, sometimes its negative, and sometimes its neutral. Discrimination is inherent in social Interaction and making laws against some forms of discrimination is flawed since there can be circumstances where any sort of discrimination can be reasonable.

  79. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "someone being beaten up should be a crime"

    This is a real story:

    112: Hello what is the nature of your emergency.

    me: I've just been assaulted

    112: Erm? What do you mean assaulted.

    me: you know, attacked etc...

    112: Erm? attacked?

    me: yes someone tried to cause bodily harm to me, tried strangling me etc.

    And I still have the recording someplace

  80. Anonymous Coward

    Screw the fatties

    We need laws to stop gingerism. One day we will rise up against our oppressors and it won't be pretty.

  81. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: "someone being beaten up should be a crime"

    Yeah, hilarious. I'd love to hear the recording for xtra lols.

    It was undoubtedly a stupid comment but I suspect the implication was 'for being fat' (which you can debate the validity of - oh, you have, sort of) and it was said by someone without the proper media training. It's amazing how dumb your words can sound when they've been recorded and transcribed and printed, even when you think you've been Brian Sewell.

    Anyway, whether or not they're full of it (and I think anyone who is hassled or assaulted deserves a modicum of sympathy), people being beaten up is not funny. I saw a couple of thugs out of their minds on vodka kick the crap out of each other recently (well, it was fairly one-sided actually) and they were clearly scumbag idiots but I was still concerned about the guy who was kicked in the head because, you know, it's another human being.

    Oh, don't mind me.

  82. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    ....because she makes me fat!

    Oh, I see, not THAT kind of fat.


  83. Anonymous Coward


    Tom7 wrote: "As a 20 stone tub of lard ...

    - I was once 3 stone heavier than this and had no fat on me at all..."

    So 20 stone of solid muscle then? Why were you never Mr Universe? Frankly, I don't believe a word of it. You also claimed to be able to run 60 miles a week in those days. I've seen runners before - none of them weigh 23 stone!

    So I call "bullshit".

  84. Grease Monkey Silver badge

    @The 112 Story

    That's nothing.

    Me: My wife and I have just been assaulted.

    999: Is the assailant still there.

    Me: No I fought back and he ran away.

    999: You probably want to keep quiet about that, you might be prosecuted for assault.

    So being beaten up is only a crime if you defend yourself.

  85. Chief sub

    You missed one...

    Can I be the first to say "wobble bottom"? It seems to have been sadly overlooked.

  86. A. Lewis

    @Craig 28

    Discrimination would be covered by Asylum Sam's "not being nice" provision.

    To me, I think Sam's idea hits the nail on the head. Basically an enforced "can't we all just get along".

  87. Stuart Castle Silver badge

    I'm fat.

    There, I said it. I am fat. I am neither proud nor ashamed of the fact that I am fat. I just am.

    I don't suffer the abuse this woman appears to suffer, in fact pretty much, people seem to like me.

    I also travel on the same train line everyday that this woman claimed she she got abuse on (this was in the Evening Standard last night) and while I can't say it's the safest train line in England (far from it), I've never seen anyone get abused on it. I have been using that line on and off for over 20 years.

    In fact, in the rush hour, the only time I have seen people argue is when someone sits on the Aisle seat, leaving the window seat empty (which in some parts of the trains used on South Eastern, can render that seat impossible to get to), and there is a big problem with people doing that. It's not so much a problem if the people that do that are willing to move so that someone can get to the Window seat, but some refuse. That is both rude and irritating.

    While I do not condone prejudice or assault, it does seem as though this woman actually has a bit of a confrontational attitude which probably, more than being fat, gets her into fights.

  88. James Micallef Silver badge

    Massive fail!

    ""Someone being beaten up should be a crime," commented Szrodecki."

    It already IS a crime! All "hate crime" laws should be removed, because there should be no difference between beating someone up beacuse they are gay / black / white / fat / muslim / christian / whatever, and beating up someone to rob them, or because they support a different football team, or they looked at you funny, or completely randomly.

    If an act is already criminal it should be prosecuted for the act itself, not for any real or perceived intention or thought. Thoughts, however objectionable and hateful, should be completely free, that's what makes us human.

  89. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: you gonna sit on me?!

    > Yeah... being 300lbs. and a lineman on the 'american football' team

    Does that weight include all the nacy boy protective gear?

  90. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: You missed one...

    Good point. A grievous oversight (or fat dullard).

  91. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: I'm fat.

    Well done, Stuart, but just because you haven't seen it yourself doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I hadn't seen any serious street fights happen in Soho until the other week but I'm sure they were going on.

    She might be the kind of person who provokes others or she might not. You have to be wary of blaming the victim.

  92. Scott 19
    Thumb Down


    I'm a smoker with one eye, where's my legislation? (smoking MY choice, having one eye not MY choice, being fat your choice, why should you get protection (being fat your choice) when i get none?)

    Pirate Pete

    What about my albino friend? or more common ginger friends? not there choice?

    Sorry but STOP eating, we don't need law for this, right i'm off for an mint areo as its my treat for the week (Not hour).

  93. VulcanV5

    @Tom 7 by Anonymous Coward: Mister Universe Scandal

    Re your question as to why Tom 7 was never Mister Universe.

    The answer is: the Mister Universe Contest is a fraud.

    Although it has been staged for many years, the winner always -- *always* -- comes from Earth.

    No other planet gets a look-in.

    Compared with that kind of blatant discrimination, all this stuff about anti-fattie prejudice is not even worth mentioning: that Tom7 didn't become Mister Universe doesn't alter the fact that he came from the kind of background which the contest judges favour to the exclusion of all else.

    If El Reg could more sensibly prioritise the issues it chooses to high-light, the world, and the universe, would be a better place -- not necessarily thinner, of course, but definitely better.

  94. Alex Walsh

    Happy in your own skin

    Even if there is excessive amounts of it is all good and well in my book.

    It gets my goat though when fat people are obviously insecure about their weight or have poor body image, self issues and seek to offload their insecurities onto everyone else and blame everyone else.

    I was 17 and a half stone because of a sedentary lifestyle and too much fast food, I now walk to work and don't eat crap and I'm 3 stone lighter. I wanted to change because I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. Changing the dial on a set of scales like that loon did on the telly last night to read "curvy, cutie, delicious" and whatever is delusional when you're a twenty stone porker on a highway to type 2 diabetes and if you have to delude yourself into thinking you're body is good, you've obviously got poor self worth and that's what needs to be worked on, not societies attitude to the fat.

  95. Jess

    Isn't there already protection?

    If someone is fat though a disorder then surely the disability discrimination act should apply.

    If they are just fat because they are lazy and eat too many pies, then it is a lifestyle choice, so there should be no special provisions.

  96. weirdcult

    What about theThinnies?

    Well I suffer from the opposite. As a 6'1 10 stoner, I usually get "skinny cnut", "cant get wet in the shower", "fallen down any drains recently" and even more colourful observations based on my slight frame. Just to point out, these insults are always from the more meaty in our office. I don't particularly want any special protection. Its those medium sized people I fell sorry for...bloody average lot =]

  97. edwardecl

    What, it isn't a crime...

    It isn't a crime to beat up fatties?... *dusts off an old cricket bat* Fatties here I come.

    But seriously there is being discriminated against then there is being not hired because you are an overweight (not fit) fitness instructor... It's like being an anorexic cook I mean what the hell?

  98. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "BMI challenged"

    er very PC.

  99. Bill Fresher


    Dumb asses just liking beating other people up as an ego boost... any reason will do.. fat, thin, ugly, attractive, tall, short.. whatever they notice first. Worst problems I've had was when I was pumping iron a lot, I'd get insecure blokes that looked like deflated balloons saying "look at him standing there with his muscles.. I'm going to smash his face in". Nice.

  100. Richard 39

    Pansys the lot of them

    Everyone who gets 'offended' about being insulted for whatever reason (size, colour, religion, sex, orientation etc) should lock themselves in a padded room, curl up in the foetal position and cry themselves to obscurity - grow up and dont be such a pansy.

    WAKE UP people this is the real world. It is not all roses and sunshine. There will always be a bad element in every aspect of society. The only way to stop it is to overcome it. If you succomb to the badness around it will only come back with avengence.

    Stop being such pussies and learn to live with life and all it throws at you, If you can't do this, get off my planet and stop screwing it up with pointless laws

  101. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Pansys the lot of them

    You wouldn't be a white middle-class male of average height, build and colouring, would you? Just doing a little research, like.

  102. Richard 39

    @ Sarah

    Why yes I am Sarah, thankyou for noticing.

    Not that it should have any bearing whatsoever, my opinion still stands as I have not always been of average height and build

  103. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: @ Sarah

    Well, I'm glad you've been able to cope with whatever slings and arrows have come your way from other people who've decided to judge you on some aspect of yourself, but not everyone is that robust. I don't see why anyone should have to put up with actual abuse whether it's something they've brought on themselves or not.

    I don't have a problem with judgement, we all do it, I do it all the time; but I think if you feel the need to express that judgement through chucking your burger wrapper at a fat person or tripping them up or yelling something incisive like "FATTY" at them then you are in fact a worthless scumbag, and no one should be an apologist for it or suggest the object of such shenanigans should 'just man up a bit'.

  104. miknik

    @ Sarah

    Surely the suggestion here is that they should "man down" a bit?

  105. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: @ Sarah

    Heh, very good.

  106. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No hate laws

    "Fat people should lose weight" Fuck Off. Fat people should do what they like, like anyone else.

    Like others have said, no special laws are needed for this or other "hate crimes". If one person hits someone else, it doesn't matter if they did it because of the victim's colour, religion, weight. gender, sexual persuasion, hair length, fashion sense, etc.

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