back to article UK stuck in tech time-warp, finds report

Britain is hoarding 130,000 tonnes of redundant technology, all because we refuse to dump or give-up the gadgets of yesteryear - a forward-focused tech survey has concluded. The survey of over 2000 UK adults by the British Video Association (BVA) found that 40 per cent of us hoard technology we haven’t used in at least 18 …


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  1. Piloti

    Old Stuff....

    I have a Psion 5MX. Still works, still does the job and still lasts several days on a pair of fully charged AA's. I use my Nokia e65 to access the web , becuase the Psion just can't, but other than that, Psion is the biz.....

  2. Bassey

    Bit of a mix

    I'm not too bad. I have some old VHS tapes I keep meaning to get digitised (family memories etc). I got rid of all my old mobile phones (envirophone - made a couple of hundred quid) last year - apart from my very first, which I keep for nostalgia/bore-the-kids reasons.

    After that, I'm fairly middling. No BluRay yet. I'm sure I'll end up with one - but not yet. No iPod, as my phone does all that, but I have a NAS with a media server so all I need now is a media appliance hooked into my HiFi and HiDef telly and I'm pretty much up to date.

    Although I REALLY want a robot vacuum cleaner, mop and lawn-mower.

  3. Encorespod

    Retirment fund

    My stash of ancient PC's will one day be antiques :D

  4. Matt 13

    loadsa old crap!

    Pc Engine, Silicon Graphics Onyx, amd k450 laptop, Psion 3c, but to name a few...

    love decent old tech!! :)

    no cassettes or vhs! yuck!

  5. peterrat
    Thumb Up


    How about - Minidisk player (off *bay). two hifi cassette decks, VHS player, Digital8 camcorder.

    I still have my first 1.3 Mpixel camera - cost £239.

    Not completly in the dark ages, my current camera a Sony A200, TV 37" LCD + a HDD PVR

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward




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