back to article Sony confirms 250GB PS3 slim launch

The 250GB slimline PlayStation 3 will be launched into North America next month, Sony has announced. ps3_250gb Sony's 250GB PS3 slim is already available in the UK Sony’s existing PS3 slim – which has a 120GB capacity – currently costs $300 Stateside, but the more capacious model will retail for around $350 (£214/€234). …


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  1. batfastad
    Jobs Horns

    Yeah but...

    Can it play my old PS2 games and stack nicely like all other AV equipment?

    Please can console designers consider doing something that's not in a fancy annoying shape box that has to sit on its own outside my AV cabinet?

  2. Daniel 22


    I know this is probably blasphemous... but why not just put it on top of your stack of AV equipment?

  3. Reg Sim

    I get batfastad.

    There is nothing more annoying. However at least for the Xbox you can buy external box's that house them :) and look like a pair of dogs mateing equipment.

    I quite fancy a PS3, annoying that this one does not supprot PS/2 games, however I will live. I would like it more if I could get a 3rd party case that looked like the shizzil.

    @Daniel 22, yes you do blasphem. - you have no sole.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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