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The influence of IT in everyday business operations continues to increase. Until a few years ago business operations could be conveniently split between those that involved computer systems somewhere in the business process and those that had no dependence on them at all. Sure there was overlap in, for example, manufacturing …


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  1. Richard Taylor 2
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    Sorry folks - lame

    So I appreciate your need to make a buck - we all have to, but this lot is frankly shite. Service science,m service management - it is so far in front of what you are discussing as to leave you in the dust. Please, please, please get up to date.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    One thing's for sure

    "will IT administrators pick up yet more responsibilities? Or will business service managers displace IT administrators?"

    No, my bet is that there'll a whole new layer of PHBs screwing up whatever they can find to screw up, then blaming the IT guys. Us. Whereupon we'll hopefully all turn BOFH on them and start lugging around rolls of carpet at dark o'clock to solve the problems.

  3. Eddie Johnson

    Again, allow me to say

    Dumbest idea ever. We've been here before on a homeowner level. One of the Microsoft tards predicted the day when your whole house was connected. Of course now, when you get a trojan, they don't just delete your files. They turn your refrigerator off so all your food spoils, turn your thermostat up to 100 so your dog dies, or maybe manage to do ruin your heat pump compressor by cycling it on and off repeatedly.

    Now imagine this scenario in a chemical plant. Or an electricity utility. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine it in an electric utility, they've already done it and we've already heard how insecure it is and the hackers with pwn our electric grid.

    <= Technology for technologies sake will always earn a...

  4. Kotonoha

    Wait what

    I was expecting an ad for FireDaemon :V

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