back to article PLDS iHES208 Blu-ray drive

PLDS is a joint venture between Philips and Lite-On that develops optical disc drive technologies and markets related products. The PLDS iHES208 internal drive is new take on the 'combo' drive concept, providing complete CD and DVD reading and writing functions, plus the ability to play Blu-ray titles at full 1080p quality. …


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  1. Rob Beard

    Windows only?

    I presume you mean the software is Windows only?

    Technically the drive will still function on Linux as a DVD-RW drive for playback and recording of DVDs and reading of Bluray discs. Actually it's also possible with Nero for Linux to also burn Blu-Ray media. The only thing missing from Linux at the moment is on the fly Blu-ray playback (although it is possible to rip a BD movie and play it back).


  2. Thomas Bottrill


    I picked up an LG GGCH20L Blu-ray combo drive from PC World for about £80, which reads everything (including HD-DVD) and writes to everything except Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

    Seems like a better deal than this drive, unless this drive also writes to Blu-ray, though the Blu-ray writer version of the LG drive (GGWH20L) is only about £125.

  3. Annihilator Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Overpriced nonsense

    £110 for a BD reader? For an extra 20 quid, why not just splurge on an LG BH08LS20 and let you write as well? OK, it won't give you Lightscribe, but is that really a killer feature?

    Fair enough that it's SATA only though. In my experience, any rig that didn't have SATA connectors probably wouldn't be up to the job of displaying 1080p anyway.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    not such good value

    equivelent LG is only £80 and LG with Blue ray writing is only £148, so this isn't such great value

  5. Olli Mannisto

    Stereo powerdvd?

    If the bundle is the same as everywhere else, the powerdvd is stereo-only, which is pretty much useless for HTPC.

    BD writing sounds cool but as long as the media costs like 5€/pop, it's just not worth it. And the time the prices come to around 1€/disc, these writers are real dinosaurs.

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