back to article Mozilla service detects insecure Firefox plugins

Mozilla has introduced a service that checks Firefox browser plugins to make sure they don't have known security vulnerabilities or incompatibilities. The service debuted on Tuesday with this page, which checks 15 plugins to make sure they're the most recent versions. Over time, Mozilla developers plan to scan additional …


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  1. Gnomalarta


    Well, it's a good idea but the only plugin version the page detected on my FF 3.0.14/ Ubuntu was Flash which it decided was in need of update. So off I go to Adobe to download the latest version available for FF on Ubuntu only for the packet manager to inform me that I had a later version installed!

    It's a good idea though :)

  2. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Oooh I can just see it now

    Mozilla today warned of spoof popups which claim to be from the security plugin service and state that your PC is vulnerable to hacking. The warning directs you to install a "critical update" which is, in reality a backdoor trojan installer.

    Yeah. Right

  3. tuna 1
    Dead Vulture

    In The Next Exciting Upgrade, Fonzie Jumps A Shark

    First the ribbon and now this? Is FF going to grow bigger and bigger ad infinitum? All the new upgrades leave me pining for a small browser that doesn't "think" for me or spy on me. IE & Webkits are negatives and Konqueror gives me problems under Linux, shudder to think under Windows. Is Opera the only small, functional multi-platform alternative out there that can handle JRE and Flash?

    we need a shark fin avatar. just sayin...

  4. Big Al
    Thumb Down


    Sounds interesting, but I just get a "Plugin Finding Service Error" when I try to run it :(

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps I am missing something...

    Doesn't firefox already provide this functionality for ALL extensions within the addon manager (the 'Find updates' button), and does it not also check for updates to extensions on startup?

  6. Tom Chiverton 1 Silver badge


    extensions != plugins

  7. C. Fuhrman
    Thumb Up

    Too bad that Firefox had to raise the bar, but at least they did it.

    How many times has Adobe's Flash and Reader plug-in had exploitable vulnerabilities, and yet there are no auto-update features? Actually, Adobe Acrobat has an update that works if you buy the full version (not the free reader).

    Check out another useful tool: Secunia PSI (works for more than just plug-ins, and finds all third-party software on your PC that is at risk and needing updates).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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