back to article HDS has archive head in the clouds

Hitachi Data Systems has renamed and refreshed its Content Archive Platform as a cloud-focussed platform with multi-tenancy features which scales out to a 96-node cluster. The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP 3.0) is one way to present a storage personality based on single virtual pools of storage from USP-V and/or AMS storage …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Danger! Looks like your sidekick is in the Cloud...

    Geez, one would think that even with Bad Marketing Drugs, given the current ooh ooh with Redmond adopting a "Danger Danger" approach that if HDS truly is at fault, the last thing they'd do would be to do a press-release on "Cloud Storage".

    or I may be on drugs -- HST

  2. James Pond

    Forgot HDDS (sounds like HDS eh? :) )

    The Hitachi Data Discovery Suite (HDDS) is one of the products that can integrate into HCP and provide eDiscovery. HDDS also has a Sharepoint module (aptly called HDDMS - Hitachi Data Discovery for Microsoft Sharepoint).

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