back to article Hands on with Acer's dual-OS netbook

At an Acer product launch in central London earlier today, Register Hardware got up close and personal with the firm’s first netbook to ship with two operating systems. The machine isn’t actually a brand new model. It’s the old Aspire One D250 – reviewed here – that's been out for since the Spring, just updated to run both …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Seems a reasonable idea

    I have a similar set up on my Asus eee 901 with Presto and Windows XP; most of the time I boot into Presto though, with the odd use of XP to run Windows-only software like Nikon View.

  2. Rob Beard

    Instant boot

    I wouldn't exactly call it instant boot, there is a couple of second delay but it's much quicker than what I've seen Windows or even the latest Ubuntu releases to. I'd have thought though that they would include an option to boot straight into Windows, I mean having to boot into Android and then switch OS to Windows seems a bit long winded to me.

    Still it's good to see that Android would probably cover a fair bit anyway (Internet, E-Mail, Media).

    Maybe to shave a bit of time off the boot they can help add support for Coreboot.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    But why don't they just leave Windows off altogether and spare us all the sodding Micro$oft Tax. I might consider buying one then.

  4. sandman
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    Like it

    I wouldn't mind a similar system on all my machines. Linux for the quick start and casual web use and Windows for working (and games). Sadly Linux won't cut it as my standard OS - can't use the software I need on it.

  5. The Indomitable Gall

    For the love of God... give us a microkernel

    Now that someone's using a full OS as a quick-boot, isn't it more proof of the need for a decent modular microkernel architecture?

    Just imagine if this machine booted into a basic SplashTop-like environment then started booting additional modules only when needed. Or let you suffer the boot time of Windows if you preferred.

    That's what's called "user experience", that is.

  6. The Original Steve


    Looks bloody awful (the menu in Android).

    Can see the point for geeks like us, although to be fair it's more fun trying to install the platforms first and getting it to the state Acer will ship it than using it!

    Can't see it taking off in a big way personally...

  7. The BigYin


    Why lumber a professional, highly functional and innovative OS with that sack of refuse masquerading as an OS?

    The above is platform independent and should run equally well on the Lintard and Windtard brains.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Windows 7 is "instant on" on my 900A

    Sleep works perfectly on my eeePC900A since I replaced eeebuntu with Windows 7 - I now have an "instant on" OS that works.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Macs Did This for Years

    Macs have been able to boot from different OSes for years. All you had to do to change an OS was restart while pressing Option. Choose your OS & go! Plus, Macs can boot off USB & Firewire/i.LInk/IEEE 1394. Since each hard drive on Macs can have up to 63 firewire drives, 127 USB drives & each drive have 16 partitions, that's over 3000 different OSes you can boot from. Why you'll need that many, I don't know, but you can.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So... quickly does it actually boot up then?

  11. J 3


    Great for the spread of Linux and its derivatives, or at least to show people they actually don't need Windows. I mean, if it's done right, and not the Asus disaster (from what I've heard) with the original Linux shipped with the first Eee PCs.

    You know, since the thing boots quick into that OS, why not, someday, take a look around. Go to the web from there, why not. Listen to some music or copy some pictures. Etc. etc. For the people who do indeed need Windows only software, the need to click the button to go to W7 will always be there. But it might be interesting to see how many people would start seeing what their real netbook computing needs are, and that they could fulfill them with *any* OS.

    That was the hope when the first Eees came out, and it didn't work. Will it next time?

  12. Goat Jam


    Have they got approval to do this from sweaty monkey boy? Because the last I heard MS OEM agreements specifically forbid dual booting Windows with another OS. Initially that was meant to crush BEOS but I'd be mighty surprised if they have since revoked that clause, what with the growing threat of Linux and all

  13. Martin 6 Silver badge

    legacy support

    So can I run Android on my Acer Aspire One ?

  14. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
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    Presto eh? (@ first comment)

    Wow, have to admit ignorance... didn't know those xandros guys came up with another chopped up distro. I still run my stock xandros heavily tweaked on on my 701, does what I want it to do although I had to get used to finding out about missing tools and having to go get them.

    I must take a look at this presto thing. Quick boots always interest me. Thanks for the tip, see if I can learn something from it.

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  16. rgathright

    Dual OS could be a first from a major manufacturer?

    Thanks for posting all these videos of this cool netbook!

    I just wonder if it will be worth the extra cost and data contract.

    I am very impressed with my ASUS 1005HA netbook.

    I can overclock it to over 2.0Ghz and have little trouble browsing websites with it.

    I wrote a review at the following link that details the Intel Atom N270 performance:

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How can it be a release

    with no date of availability, price etc.

    Is that not just a proof of concept ?

  18. TeeCee Gold badge

    @The BigYin

    You beat me to it. I can't figure out what they've put Android on there for either.....

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Instant Boot?

    Had Vista and got Win7 booting from "sleep" quicker than that. In fact I doubt there's much in it between Android and W7 in boot times from a cold boot looking at the video...

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