back to article Google Docs updated with three-headed bug

Google Docs users are having trouble printing, exporting, and importing files, following a recent update to the alleged Microsoft killer. As reported by the IDG News Service, a Google employee has acknowledged the problems with a pair of posts to the company's Google Docs Help discussion forum. "We're currently looking into …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Just One More Little CHange

    THat'll teach em

  2. scottf007

    GDocs do not play properly

    I have dabbled with them a lot. I have a lot that I use frequently.

    When you import any office document, it imports very well, with most of the formatting remaining intact. When you export anything back to office, you may as well have copy pasted from notepad.

    I do not like them for this reason. There is a lot of functionality that is not there, so you need excel, powerpoint or word. And they do not play together at all, even though Office is all Open XML......

    Do no evil my arse

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