back to article Dell pitches x86 in Oracle's Sun court

Michael Dell has tuned his supersales pitch for the down economy: buy more, and buy frequently, to save more. Just don't buy Sparc. Dell told OpenWorld that buying batches of his company's x86 machines running virtualization and the latest in power efficiency and increased processing power will let you claw back around 15 per …


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  1. zvonr

    All those Dell servers that oracle is running...

    I see 20000 Dell servers that will be changed with Sun servers, redirect $ from left pocket to right pocket, istead of Dell's pocket, I wonder how many HP servers do they run...

    there is quite a few savings and synergies that can be exploited by a merger....

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Dell cutting staff and facilities

    Well, let's see here.... I ordered a laptop drive from Dell. They've revised the ship date 4 times. I ordered stuff from NewEgg a WEEK later, and it's already arrived before the Dell stuff has even shipped!

    Yeah, I noticed they've cut staff and facilities. NewEgg just as obviously has not.

    This isn't how you keep customers. It's a tight economy and you respond by lowering your level of customer service?

  3. Maclovin


    Yeah, I'm sure buying a notebook from Dell gives you a real feel for what it would be like to procure a $multi-million datacenter refresh from the same manufacturer. Just as I'm sure buying a VW Polo would give you a real feel for what it's like to buy a Bugatti Veyron, I mean, they're both VW products after all...

  4. Anonymous Cowherd 3

    I work for a largish server client of Dell's

    Yearly orders in the high thousands.

    And the laptop buying experience sounds remarkably familiar.

    Just in time is great for cutting costs, but when production or distribution links fail the failure sets timelines back quite badly no matter how important or otherwise the client is.

  5. cmaurand

    I'm still likely to run x86

    and not oracle, either. Oracle's way too expensive. Most likely I'll run something opensource. I might run MySQL, but more likely I'll run the OpenSource fork of it called MariaDB which is where Monty Widenius went.

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