back to article Google Docs gets jiggy with folder sharing

Mountain View is finally rolling out a “shared folders” feature in Google Docs, after it first promised to add the option to its online app in July this year. Google said it added the feature due to popular demand. Apparently it’s been the “most requested” option for users of the service. The collaboration tool won’t show up …


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  1. Ash 5

    Why not use labels?

    Why are they going back to shared folders, when labels as used in gmail are superior?

  2. jon 44


    People actually admit over phone and email that they commit illegal actions? These people have your telephone number or email address and your name.......

    Back in reality... those with half a tea spoon of intelligence will say 'no, sir, not me sir, what's p2p sir?'

  3. Christopher Martin

    Holy crap, FINALLY

    I've always been impressed with how Google made a website whose purpose is document sharing, and got away with giving it such terrible sharing controls. One of my many complaints is that whenever I'm sharing one document, there will probably be several others that I'm going to want to share with the same people. And you can't actually see a list of the email addresses that you've invited, so I have to ask everyone for their email address again... For all of Google's power, I am astonished by the fail that creeps in.

  4. dave 93


    Can the same doc appear in many folders at once, I wonder?

    MS's free web-based, ad-supported Office suite will have to be good - when it arrives.

  5. Gaz Davidson

    Goo > gle

    Once OpenGoo becomes mature enough we'll be able to host our own docs rather than be stuck with the measily 100MB that Google offer.

    In the future maybe eyeOS will replace all of Google's online services bar search, maybe allowing Google Wave as long as we can host it ourselves.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Ash 5

    The labels feature of googles mail is useless, as is a lot of the other "features". It's the worst email system I've ever used

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