back to article Exagrid slides out smoothly scalable Data Domain beater

Start-up Exagrid has introduced a 10TB dedupe appliance, configurable in a 10-node deduplication grid or cluster, with global reduplication across the nodes and Data Domain-beating performance. Exagrid provides disk-to-disk backup deduplication appliances that connect in a grid architecture for the mid-market. The company says …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    interesting timing

    I just got a little box from Exagrid yesterday with a magnet that says "TAPE BACKUP Rest in Peace 1951-2009".

    Kinda funny, I'm working on finalizing our setup guessed site tape backup.

    Our data isn't well suited for dedupe.

  2. MinionZero

    No wonder Google build their own servers...

    "22TB starter DD880 is priced at £248,000"

    Thats a total of 248000/22 = £11272 per Tb!

    Meanwhile we can get 1Tb for about £55 so...

    £248000/(£55 per Tb) = 4509Tb ... thats 4.5Pb! for the price they are asking.

    (Also £55 is one off pricing, I bet if I asked for a lorry load of 4500 Hard Disks, it'll be a bit cheaper).

    So I'm guessing I can backup my 22Tb of data way more than a few times for less than £248k! ... with that amount of money, I could build a few duplicate PCs and even employ my own minion (I mean valued employee ;) and still be saving a lot of money. So bloody big bonus for me then, while sitting back and sub-contracting the actual work to my very own minion!. :)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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