back to article West Midlands cops to roll out Mitsubishi EVs

Britain's police forces are proceeding in an orderly fashion to test Mitsubishi's iMiEV after the company showed off the e-car - reviewed here - at the UK's National Police Show last month. West Midlands Police has already signed up and will take delivery of its first iMiEV cop cars early in 2010, the manufacturer has revealed …


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  1. dunncha
    Black Helicopters

    100 miles range and 80mph top speed

    Donut shop is 5 miles away. A few runs back and forward from there. Ohh and stop off and pick up the film from a few speed cameras

    Other crimes. What other crimes?

    Are you aware it's illegal to question an Office of the Law? I don't make the law son. I just kick your head in when you break it.

    Excuse me Sir is this your camera? Did you just point it at my vehicle?

  2. eJ2095

    Come on lol

    If police turned up in that around here (Yes am in teh midlands) the local yob population would just tip the thing over!!...

    Think a playmobile needs doing!!

  3. Georgees

    A 1l corsa..

    Could outrun one of these no problem, and outrun them for longer.

    1l corsas are the polices arch nemesis.

  4. Anonymous John

    Z Cars?

    [pedant] That was set on Merseyside not in the West Midlands. [/pedant]

  5. Pete 43


    For creeping up on the perps.

  6. Valerion

    Don't turn on the siren!

    That'll reduce our range!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    The Force

    The Electromotive Force ;-)

  8. Scary


    Looks like some idiot missed out an 'o' on the order form:

  9. MrJP
    Thumb Up

    Nice little article... managed to crow-bar a Photoshop disaster *and* a Withnail&I quote in there.

    Many, many thanks

  10. brakepad

    Marketing ploy?

    Maybe they thought they were getting a really good deal on Mitsubishi EVOs.

  11. Yorkshirepudding

    that'll teach me

    to not read headlines fully i thought brums finest were gonna be given EVOs not EVs

    hark i hear the collective cackle of brums underworld laughing themselves stupid

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How long...

    ...before one gets the lifted up and "parked" between two trees treatment?

  13. Matt_V

    Misread the title

    Thought they were buying Evo's :)

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Well Maybe....'ll be quicker than the expericens I had with them...

    What's that, people are running around with a knife threatening to kill someone? Ok we'll send someone around once the match is finished as we're short on officers at the moment.

    Guess you get what you pay clubs pay thousands per match, I mearly pay my council tax.

    Just glad now under West Mercia...

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AS G&S said

    A policeman's lot is not a happy one .... happy one

  16. Shagbert

    Same as everyone else

    Thought they were buying EVOs, and was wondering why they didn't pick up some WRXs or STIs instead.. Need more caffeine!

  17. Pete James

    I remember

    back in the late 80s North wales Police had a Mini 1000 saloon panda to patrol Deeside. Lovely and cute as it was it was a poor choice of motor for the area.

    This motor reminds me far too much of that. Bt good to see that WMP will have it. The lying scum will have less opportunity to conduct their summary justice in those.

  18. Grease Monkey Silver badge

    It's a another excuse...

    ...for not responding to 999 calls in a timely fashion. "The batteries on the patrol car needed charging."

  19. adam payne

    The Police are now environmentally friendly

    Looks and sounds like the Police are trying to look all environmentally friendly. Maybe they should stop trying to look good and do the job.

  20. Adam 52 Silver badge

    Ever seen a police station car park?

    Good luck anyone trying to get this to the charging point.

    Other than that, eminently sensible idea. Most police work consists of running about in a limited area ferrying forms to different locations.

  21. adam payne

    Stop Police!

    Oi! stop Police i've got to charge my car.

  22. Alex 32

    ......A title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.


    Seriously?? LOL!!!!

    Mine's the one with "Transit Van Conversions for Criminals" in the pocket..

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