back to article ATM pays out credit for unwanted gadgets

Recycling your old mobile phone, compact camera, MP3 player or even external storage device could soon become much easier - and more rewarding - following the installation of a gadget-recycling ATM in North America. Eco_ATM_01 Eco ATM: makes recycling gadgets rewarding Eco ATM spits out usable credit for local shops in …


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  1. McMoo


    "Plans haven’t been announced to install Eco ATMs in the UK"

    Thank God!

    Can you just imagine the huddle of smug, vegetarian, fair-trade-coffee drinking environmentalists, crowded around these machines, desparate to out-recycle each other?

    Smug twunts.

  2. Stoneshop Silver badge

    How does it check ownership of the device?

    Otherwise I see a nice way to easily dispose of looted stuff: nick an iWhotsit, and drop it in the EcoATM

  3. Brian Miller 1

    Errr, fencing stolen goods?? very much

    This seems to make it very easy to find a "buyer" for stolen mobile phones. Think about it. You are in the mall food court. You stick your phone on the table after a call, turn away for 3 seconds. Snatch.

    By the time you find a payphone to report it missing it has already been "recycled" for a quarter the value.

    Or hey "fake friend" can I borrow your phone for 1 minute my phone has just died. Quick sneak to the machine. HAHA the machine ate your phone.



  4. Lionel Baden

    no fair

    And if your gadget’s not worth anything, the machine will still recycle it on your behalf.

    Man that sux

    who is the judge of value as well ???


    nah this 6110 isnt worth anything anymore but thanx anyway lol

  5. SmallYellowFuzzyDuck, how pweety!

    Does it accept wooden copies?

    Awaiting the first news report of someone making imitation dummy devices and trying to get the machine the accept them and pay out.

    Not a bad idea, I hope the payment you get for the devices is as good as selling on Ebay, etc.

    Nah, who am I kidding I'm sure they will offer minimum cash value for your old Mp3 player then all the manned trade in shops can put up signs saying "We will offer you more money than the plastic machine does"

    El Reg, do you know of anyone who could try one of the machines out?

  6. Sulehir

    So Basically

    This is providing an automated fencing/laundering service for phone thieves. Nice intentions, but an easily abusable implementation.

  7. Ciaran McHale
    Thumb Down

    Fencing stolen goods

    1. Steal a mobile phone.

    2. Deposit stolen phone in ATM and receive payment.

    3. Repeat often, until ATM providers are taken to court for receiving stolen goods.

  8. Shaun 7


    Wow a 21st century innovation in fencing stolen tech, simply insert nicked gear, take credit, buy legimate item to sell to punter in pub.

    What next, robo burglar, so the crim doesn't have to leave the house to empty yours?

  9. RobbieCrusoe

    Auto fence

    handy little device for any thieving toerag who wants to get rid of some stolen goods... as long as they want something in the shop of course.

  10. The Original Ash

    Yeah, or...

    Take some photos of your own, determine the value with some google-fu, and earn non store dependent vouchers by posting it on eBay.

    The only devices this will see are non-working models over 3 years old.

    Business model fail.

  11. Jacqui

    will still recycle it on your behalf.

    "And if your gadget’s not worth anything, the machine will still recycle it on your behalf."

    So the UK version will be a standard recycle bin but with a fake display added. Everyeone will be told thier phone has no recycle "value"...

    I am just waiting to be told this con has appeared on the "Real Hustle".


  12. Anonymous Coward


    *Orders a ton of fake iphones from china*

  13. Brutus
    Big Brother

    I'm shocked and surprised

    at the commentards' larcenous natures (not)! Half of the posts at the time of writing discussing the potential for fencing stolen phones.

  14. adiegoguy

    The Facts about ecoATM

    I work for ecoATM and we pay fair market value for the phones. Most customers are very happy with the value they get. In fact, many people return later in the day with a bag of old phones they want to recycle. Plus we plant a tree for each phones turned in.

    The kiosk has a full package of biometrics on board. We can capture a photo, fingerprint, drivers license and signature. This was done to prevent theifs from selling back electronics and to comply with various pawnshop laws in different states. Also, the machine locks your phone in the inspection bin so you can't remove it unless you cancel the process.

    The Original Ash- we have been receiving for very current phones that are still sold today... iphones, htc touch pro/diamond, bb 8330s etc.

  15. James O'Brien

    @Brutus and adiegoguy


    As for our larcenous nature I present you evidence item 1) Your cell phone I nicked off you at the gas station. Oops I just put it in the bin :)

    As for you adiegoguy:

    Why do I detect a load of BS in your statement? Dont get me wrong, locking the item in the bin just makes sense. As for the fair market value who decides that you or the company? Fair market value can be anything you want it to be. As for the biometrics you have a mule do it for you. Boom done, and not everyone has a drivers license. Nor does it have to be legit.

  16. Ivor Biggen


    "many people return later in the day with a bag of old phones they want to recycle"

    Does the bag have swag written on the side?

    mines the one without a mobile in the pocket

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